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  • hi Mellie its really nice to meet you
    hi .please i need help i got married .i wanna do you know if i need to certify wedding certificate at foreign minister before to apply visa and how know available dte for calender appointment.thanks
    hi Mel,plz answer my pms as soon as u husband and Ireally need to hear from you...time is running out.
    Hi Mel, just a quick question, from your knowledge do you know how long after the hearing of an appeal it takes to get an answer.... just for them to let me know yes or no.... thanks xx
    i mellie sorry to bother you but i do have a bf in tunisia and yes i do now what the words mean but i said them aloud and didnt know i did it it is ok if i am muslin just need to know
    I have messaged you I hope you have recieved it. x
    mel i have just sent you an email
    BTW my friend has sent you a fbk friend request can you accept and contact her x
    Hi Mel,

    Could you drop me a message got a mate that really needs yr help you sent her an email but she couldn't get into it she now has internet and she really needs to contact you x
    Hi Mel, unfortunately can't reply to the msg you copied me in on. Not sure why. Would you mind just sending me a test pm and I'll see if I can reply that way?
    Hey Mel, I know your a busy woman but your a busy woman with information. Just wondering whether you have any advice on how we can make my husbands family visit visa application as good as possible? If you want to email me (as I'm hardly on here anymore!), my email is [email protected] Thanks in advance and I hope you don't mind me asking :) xx
    Hi Mel, I emailed you @ lime-consult, know you are a busy lady, just hope you received it xxx
    HI Mel. Welcome home, I hope Fred's settling in okay, he must be bloody freezing! I'm just dropping you this line to remind you of my email addy [email protected] x
    Hiya Melliec...
    i Just Get on this site and i am really Confused abt the papers i need to apply for my visa !!!
    You are very popular here and you are helping Every1 please help me to find out what do i need !!!
    am married since sept 14th /2011 and dunno from where do we have to start !!
    Hey Mel,
    How are you, whats new?? Dont know whether to write here or email. Do you know what the next step for my husband is? Hes got resid.permit for 5 years. Does he need to apply for ILR or no, or for something else? I know he can`t apply for passport , but when can he? thanks Mel xx
    Hey Mel, just to let you know hobi applied for schengen this monday and yesterday hes been granted his visa with multiple entries for 6months :) soo happy for him :)
    Oi Mrs you ignoring me!!!:-P
    Mellie, can i ask you question?..... is it possible for a tunisian to visit italy... for a few days? .......... basically if a tunisian was to say he had been in italy for 5 days (just randomly, not planned) would it be do-able? x
    Emailed you lovely, apologies in advance :-s xxxx
    Hi Mellie,

    Hope your having a lovely weekend, I wondered if I could possibly contact you via email? Just have a few questions I'd like to put by you (if thats not too cheeky) for some of your invaluable advice :)

    many thanks nai xxx
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