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    My historic 23rd October post only got one mention ---from you, and that was me thinking profoundly as well Ha Ha.........I am soooooooo upset !!!
    Hi Mellie
    Did you manage to send me an email ? x
    Lady, on the LHR webiste It says for connecting between two terminals u need to go through security, is that the same as passport control, do you know? Coz hubby would need to gor from T4 to T5 within 1.10hrs to make connection.
    Messaged you on FB....
    Hey, if u live outside the Uk for more then 4 yrs married to a british citizen u are granted free of charge ILR ? is this correct ? and does the foreign spouse need to do an english test. I am pretty sure they don't what do you think ? Did you use this route and also at present they would be entitled to benefits currently I know its gonna change but how do things stand at the moment ? x
    A friend is now in the SUN and no doubt will be partying tomoro I bet!!!`s just not good enough don`t you think?
    messaged you on FB earlier this morning....
    Hi mellie, i was wondering if you culd help me, our visa was refused and i need to appeal it now... xx
    hi mel, "are the comments on the "jerseyhope" page the truth?"
    he has his side of the story. she knows how to utilize the media, western style. hit me on skype if you like. cheers, john
    also..I'm in a sticky situation at present, I am due to qualify as a registered nurse in the new year so we are waiting till mid 2012 before submitting, due the current situation with the NHS and employment I don't want to submit anything before I have been employed full time. No doubt I will be intouch with further queries, thanks again x
    Hi Mellie, thanks for your advice, I really appreciate it, I'd rather someone be frank and to the point like yourself, we don't want to go off getting all the wrong information so we are grateful of your straight talking, Essem went for coffee where my husband works and had a talk with her and he even said Sandra said talk to Mellie, i'd be lost without this website x
    Hi. Just read your post Immigration: Proposals to Law? Quicker than you might think? It's made me panic a tad lol. Would be grateful if you could let me know where you got the info from so I can have a look (not that I don't trust you...I'd just like to see it). Also if you have any more information on this I'd be grateful. Sorry for all the questions x
    hi melliec sorrey 2 bother with my message...i will really appreciate ur help...have u got any idea when they starting the new regls about settlement visa?cos im getting married in mars 2012?is it they asking for 24thousand pound per year for the person who got children and wife to join him in uk or even couple just married no kids?
    You have an e-mail x x
    Im following you- spooky huh LOL
    Going to check our horoscopes!
    U have mail!

    Oooh our dates are definately matching!
    this sounds positive :)

    2011 Horoscopes: Aries September 2011 Horoscope, Aries September Horoscope 2011

    I am wishing for a got the visa party middle of september parties - but that would mean a quick turn around lol

    Always oct, nov and xmas december!! :)
    Week of September 1st to 4th: monitor your health. Find the right pace between activities and rest. Week of September 5th to 11th: stay level-headed despite the tensions on the 9th. Improved finances. Week of September 12th to 18th: the full Moon in Pisces of September 12th incites to relaxation. The 17th promises to be hectic. Week of September 19th to 25th: an active and positive period starts on Sept 19, bringing joy for your family. Week of September 26th to 30th: the relationship atmosphere is darkened by the new Moon in Libra, which will resist you.
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