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  • hey hun,

    i was wondering ig you could help me with some advice please :eek:)

    me and my guy are on about marrying again and i was wondering if we had to marry in tunisia or if there is anyway he could come here first and us marry while he is here? also we talk alot vis phone and skype and constantly text each other but i was wondering what other things we need to be doing or saving in order for a visa once married, we do write to each other and save them but i dont have a clue what things they want in order for this and could we do the visa process in one visit to tunisia - sorry dont know time frames etc xxxx
    thanks hun, cant wait till july when i will see him again since getting back together x

    he is gorgeous hun, bet your well smitten with him, i have just phoned my guy and told him how cute he is and told him i want a baby lol - he said ok ha ha ha
    im ok, not been on here for ages cos me and my guy broke up but after nearly 2yrs apart we are back together and i couldnt be happier x i see congratulations are in order, dont know if your guy will remember me but say hello for me x
    Hi Michelle, I was just coming to check on you and see if your little bundle of joy has made an appearance yet. :)
    Hello hunnie i miss you.. Cant wait to see you xxxxx
    hello chick, you ok. up for meeting next week
    WOW hello stranger on the computer lol woo hoo its fixed!!! Erm yeah i got the one saying that your number has changed but thats the only one but i have no credit lol... But i should get some in a lil while hunni so will text u xxxx Love ya xx
    evening babe x
    Hi hun hope you got my bday msg 4 ya!! did you still want to pop round for harissa?? xx
    Hi michelle sorry to here about your dad, hope Kabil has settled in well is he working yet.Happy birthday for today.Hassen has settled in really well, we are going to tunisia on the 23rd may for 2wks and then again in sept for 2wks.Hope your both well keep in touch xx
    Hi... Yeah good thanks! He's a bit bored just trying to find him some work! Hows things with yous? x
    hi hun

    yeah im ok, just waiting for feb to come and hopefully i can then be with my guy - cant wait :) x
    Hi huni,

    how are you? :)

    been a long time x
    haha get him a job as a waiter in the buff LOL
    mine was a photographer, he says he hates animation. lol. forgot what the other question u asked was x
    Oh thats cute. I am not sure when we will get married he says soon I said we got to wait, plan it properly etc and he said ok if I am happy he is happy x
    Mine worked in Hammamet but from a place called Sbeitla, and we have only been together 3months. How soon did u marry yours??x
    Hello hunni hope your well im doing my xmas rounds so i thught id wish yopu merry xmas xxxx
    p.s cant wait to see you il call xmas anyway xxx
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