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  • Hi Hun,
    How are you? I'm ok.
    We are submitting our ILR at the end of the month.
    Hi, I hope you are well, I hope you dont mind I edited ur msg coz prefer not to have my name on msg board, all is well with us, went back to Tunisia in March, cant wait to go again, drop me an email sometime. Im not online much but will check in in a few days.
    hi love been a long while how is everything going we have been so busy since last talkin to u. we have moved into our own house :) n now have a baby girl at 7 weeks old called serine xxx

    I have sent you a pm, just reply and i can send package xx xx
    Thank god you got intouch, i was going mad my laptop is playing up after no use for a week.

    Just pm me your address and post code, i will post to you tomorrow.

    Just let me know when you recive it. Helen xx xx
    Hi, glad things are ok with you.
    H and I are getting along ok. He is working P/T in a shop, but desparately wants FT.
    Is your hubby still at the same place?

    ilovebdt x

    Certainly I will get your address of you in a PM, and i will post it to you as soon as we get back xx xx
    Hey Love

    How ya doing?

    Hi Mel, how are you? I just wanted to check in with you and see how things are.
    I am so happy that everything worked out good for you, mind who you have as friends from now on..We are all ok just really cold and i think that there is more snow to come..Hope that your husband finds work soon, wish you all the happiness in the world x x
    Hiya hope that you and your husband are both in good health! How have YOU been, hope that you are ok x
    what i meant i suppose was that i hope it couldnt ge any worse etc.. keep ya chin up hun, doubt she would want to see u upset x
    Thinking about you hope your ok xx
    Aw huni that is harsh.. :( did it go as well as it could have though?? you know what i mean, not that a funeral can go well.. xx
    Rad is in the same boat needs to find a job i,m so glad u are feeling better and you sorted everything out with ur hubby xxx
    Hi mistle hope you are ok and tried to have a good christmas it,s so hard this time of year when you have lost someone so close to you hugs xxx
    hi mistle257.. im new here i read all ur posts.. im so so sorry for ur loss.. and for ur husband i really wish u the best and hope that he will give u the life u deserve. good luck big hug :)
    i,m so sorry to hear that babe i know how you feel i lost my dad a few years ago at least you have sorted it out with your husband just make sure you stay stong and let him know you won,t put up with his bahaviour again best of wishes and deepest sympathy xxxxx
    Hi mistle been thinking about u hope your ok please let me know so i stop thinking about you xxx
    hey love, you ok xxxx was just thinking about you this morning and wondering how you were love xx
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