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  • is flying out to the uk with hubby n son at the end of April... x
    Hi huni how are you??? any news on visa?x
    Hope ya ok after today <3 xxx
    Mizz Kinza
    Mizz Kinza
    thank u hun.. im doing ok u know giving my circumstances n situation it was the ryt move.. so gutted but had to be done.. i have to think bout wats ryt n whats more important..
    here, but still sbeitla!! bcos I dont have contact num, pm me your num and if I come to hammamet I will let u know xx
    why dont u hook up with me when u in hammamet next???
    I was in hammamet last week I am now in sbeitla x
    no its arabic....
    kinza its a tunisian name ???
    haha what did u show him a pic? my hubby is in hammamet tonight, I expect he will take a trip to british bar lol. They are going to go so saggy now tho, the amount lil man is on them- AJ, Adam-James is his name xx
    He is doing so well he was born 7.13 but is now 8.14 Health visitor said I must have double cream coming out haha Hoping to be over sometime in march but just moved and also thomas cook keep changing when they are restarting flights from bristol, and I am not travelling to london with baba, well seriously how would i?! xx
    Hi Miss Kinza hope that you are in good health! There seems to be a problem at the moment with avators but leave the link with me and as soon as the problem is fixed i will add it for you..
    I am ok thanks, got u on fb now havent I- u back in freezing (well not in my flat but thats another issue) england yet?xx
    thank you for the wishes everyone x
    Omg. He was born EARLY!! I really hope everything is OK, and congratulations!!! :D xxx
    Just wanted to stop by and wish you a heart felt congratulations on your baby boy! Insha'Allah he will be out of intensive care soon, and will grow into a strong, healthy young man:)
    Congratulations on the birth of your baby, hope that he will be out of intensive care soon, look after youself ..x
    Happy Birthday! I hope it is a wonderful day filled with laughter and love!:)
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