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  • no bother hun,
    sorry i was offline for a couple of days.

    there is nothing yet to state exactly when and in exactly what form the noew rules will be other than what Damien Green has said so far.

    but based on experience, and when the usual changes are made, there MIGHT be some in january, but April would see everything up and running, badly probably but up and running just the same!
    Hi mate.. hope you are ok ?? iam tunisian men too ;) and married english lady.... so if u need advice just added me and we can speak on msn if u have ((( [email protected] ))) ....... Really it seems a bit complicate here, and the ppls here only try and makes everythings hard and complicate... So better to dont listen too much to them ;) ... have a good time. salam
    I have tried in my other posts to tell you you seem to have all you need to get the visa application but we also had everything and they made up things to refuse. It as taken a year to get to the court and finally on the 6th May this year we were granted the visa by a Judge who looked at the paper work and said we should have been given it. I just want you to know its so hard now and I believe because you married an English woman and got yopur passport threw that marriage it could make it even harder. you say you are still good friends with your ex wife maybe her writing a letter to put in your application would help and also letters from other friends confirming your situation. I think you have almost everything there rent proof gas and electric bills and also write down what you have coming in each month and what you pay out each month the law states you need £102 FOR 2 PEOPLE at least so as long as you have that then you have enough money to support your wife.
    Good luck
    hi again how much funds do i need to show the embassy for my wife,s settlement visa im the sponsor

    i have permenant job 6.40 per hour+4000pound saving i pay rent for 1 bedroom flat 390pound is these enough factor for my wife to get her visa???please help
    i need some advise about the english test and about the biometricfinger print
    im loocking for some advise about the biometric finger print in tunis do i need to make an appointement on line or i have to go in person and do it the day when i submit my application in person??about the new english test where in tunis can be done i mean a1 level???
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