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    Translating for others

    Have a look at Youtube there may be Some videos about learning Tunisian. But any Arabic for a starter will be better than nothing. Good luck
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    If anyone has time to translate

    Init radditni insen/a(M/F) ma a7sen, mouch fi bedni barka ama zeda fi 7yety kemla. 3allemnti n3ich ediniya kemla, inti 9it3a kbira min rou7i. Ta3ti 9albi 9ouwa w 9odra bech n7ib min ghir 9youd. Baraka allahou fik 3la ala a3malek el behia w lotf mte3ik. 7yeti wellet ma a7sen 3la khatir in7ibbek...
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    Translating for others

    it generally means alot but you need to provide whole sentence to get the context. i.e Twa7echtek aalekher = I missed you alot. Feddit aalekher = I am fed up alot (I've had enough). Hope that helps.
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    Translating for others

    Can current and new members please not ask me to translate personal stuff for them. It puts me in a dire situation where I have to interfere with your relationship with someone. Whether it is good or bad, translating stuff for you can affect you and other people and I do not wish to do so. None...
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    is he a loverat?

    Is he a loverat? Again!!!!!!! You can go to and learn but that will take all that little traffic away from to make it obsolete soon. Good job.
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    is he a loverat?

    Another fairy tale on Abdel Aziz el Aroui comes to mind. While at 19 you're still a virgin, I believe that the majority of Tunisian girls or any girl in the Arab world your age are not any longer. A myth. You're both young and need alot more experience to decide your fates. If you...
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    Marriage Visa

    I am not sure but the UK visa system is kaput. The Tunisian monetary system is also kaput. More troubles for you pal. The IHS surcharge, I believe is meant to make it harder, to deter you Tunisians and all of you lower casts from pursuing your goal in coming to the UK and then again they'll...
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    Wow younger tunisan man fooled me

    As others have said, live and learn and move on. But I would like to say that finding love/fling in a touristic resort in Tunisia or anywhere else in the world is a gamble that you take responsibility for. Furthermore, at 48 you should know better. Trusting a 28 year old tourist fling with your...
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    I found love

    You found love? good. Who do you need to help you? No one apart from following the UK dictated visa regulations. What do you need? Lots of money and lots of useless papers. Why? because the UK government let so many EU citizens in this country, milking the system hence, they have to be seen to...
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    The reason I asked if you're British is because your English doesn't make sense and you don't explain your situation properly.
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    Just met a lovely guy from Tunisia

    What Kris and Magic are saying is generally true unfortunately. As a Tunisian myself, I do not want to judge your situation or blame your guy but I would advise you to go on holidays to understand and learn more about him and his life then make your mind up. There's no rush any way, marriage, UK...
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    Are you British? You said so. Not sure though. Are you born in Britain? If you need help then you need to supply more information and get your facts straight. This forum should help you.
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    What is "normal" for a relationship with a Tunisian man?

    “I am sure there is.” Quite alot including celebrities. “Heaven hath no fury like a women scorned.” LOL. True. Never mess with a woman in love or else. Hell. Testing... is there any body in there? “And it does seem like a lot of women are scorned on holiday in Tunisia.” True. I have seen it...
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    If you both live in the UK, you better sort your divorce out here with you both agreeing or even disagreeing and follow the UK system. Going to Tunisia will make things worse. First, he is Algerian marrying you in Tunisia. I believe this complicates things even more. Divorce might be more...
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    FCR/RS Confusion in Tunisia

    Douane/police... seem to be a big headache for everyone. The government are supposedly tackling corruption etc. but I don't trust anything they say and it'll take along time, justice and jail to eradicate that mentality. I think that the main problem is that the police, douane etc. are not paid...