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  • Good morning Mossy how are you and what have you been up to ?
    Hi ROULLA, not up to much really. Work, eat, sleep, repeat!!
    Still here working in Tunisia. Moved to a house at the Residence golf course in Gammarth. Handy for Sunday morning golf!!
    Going home to Ireland for a couple of weeks during Ramadan.
    ))) hi ya mossy. what's up???
    Hi Mezoo, all quiet in Tunisia but weather lousy!
    hey there...
    florida's warm, spring. wish i was in las marsa...) cheers!
    Hi Mezoo, all well here. I hope you new avatar is not a hint !!
    lol...hi ya mossy!!! how are ya? nour got back last week. we've remodeled the apt. in bizerte...hope your good.
    Hi ROULLA, yes I'm fine thanks.
    Quite busy at work so only posting now and again.
    The area I live in - Gammarth - is generally quiet and no major problems.
    Take care.
    Goodmorning Mossy how are you ? I have not seen much of you here hope that all is well..How is it where you are ?
    Hi madmum, yes, I'm still here.
    We were evacuated on 16th January for two weeks during which time I worked in the Vienna head office.
    We returned on 30th January and so far things are generally quiet.
    I am here by myself but the company have let families come back.
    The American school and other schools are all open.
    There is a lot of army presence around mind you but the locals all say that is a good thing.
    Carrefour is open as is Monoprix in La Marsa.
    Most restaurants are open and the curfew is now midnight to 4.00 a.m.
    Hi Mossy, I just wondered if you were still out in Tunisia? I wondered how things were in your neck of the wood???
    We've had calls from friends in La Marsa saying its safe again and things are normal (is there a normal at the moment???) but hubbys work are still reluctant to take us back out :(

    Hope all is well with you, take care!
    hi ya mossy, did the plaza make through so far??? oh and most certainly hope your both in safe keeping. john p.s. send me an email and let me know, when ya got a moment...
    Hi Mossy hope that you had a great Christmas in Ireland, happy new year to you for 2011.
    Someone who pretends to be friendly here, was found slagging off Tunisia and its women in the other forum, I'm deeply disappointed with them!
    haha ok
    you must have some colleagues there, can you ask someone and let me know.
    it is really important for me. since, i have to do a job in tunisia and send money back home in pakistan :)
    hi mossy,
    I need your help and this time you are right person to ask. :)
    You are not Tunis and you are working in Tunisia...

    Please tell me how you send money outside tunisia ?/

    I have to send some of my salary back home in pakistan, some guys told me it is not possible to send money outside Tunisia ???

    please help me out
    Well i think that the climate is going abit mad to be honest with you, my dad just came back from Cyprus and he was complaining about how hot it was, everyone still wearing short sleeved T.shirts and here we are all cold wearing long jons.;). Hope that you have a great time when you go to Ireland..
    haha ok cool
    so, can you please tell me the right person : ) to ask here on this forum.
    Hi Mossy,

    can you please tell me, how people survive in Tunisia with 1000 Dinar salary
    is it good enough or what life style they adopt to save some money...
    Hi Mossy hope that you are in good health! just popped by to say hello, it is snowing here in London today and very very bitter.. Have a nice day..
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