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  • hi mrs wife is scottish ,please can i ask you which required documents have to collect for subbmit when apply visa settlement,thanks
    How are you doing!!!!!! Just saying hello and how is your little bundle of joy!!! Take care.
    Hi Mrs H :) Just wanted to check in with you and see how you are doing and how the pregnancy is going.
    How are you!!! hope all is well with you and your little bundle of joy!!!
    Thank u, luckily I dont drive and neither does hubby so actually bless his cousin he drove us around which meant most of the time I was relaxing on the back seat lol x
    Glad to hear that you had a good day, inchallah next year you will be in Tunisia ..x x
    Happy birthday to you Mrs H hope that you have a great day, i did put a birthday message for you on the Happy birthday thread but just incase you don't see it many happy returns to you x x
    How are you doing. Hope all is well with you. My trip is on hold for now. Girl!!! you like the hot weather. Cos I told my husband that I will always try to plan my trip in the spring. Is to hot in the spring I can image in the summer. Take care.
    hi im sorry again lol i am just getting to know my way around the forum. Still makin a bit of a hash of things. I wrote the last message without going into the forum and now i realise you already answered my question. We get married nov 23rd in sousse. Dont know if its traditional or not, hes organising pretty much everything, but its like the blind leading the blind, dont think hes too sure and im just getting my info from here. suppose the stress stops me from getting nervous. haha
    hi soz been really busy. thanks for offer of help, yeah its a nightmare trying to organise. My man hasnt a clue sometimes. im so scared i will go over and not have something necessary. Do you know if my fiance can go to embassy with coni if i send it over to him?? This would save me a trip to tunisia possibly even 2 trips. x
    How are you doing. I hope you and the baby are doing wonderful!!! My trip is on hold for now. I can't plan anything. Just yet.
    Hello sweetie how are you doing. As for me doing well. Just counting the days for my return to tunisia.
    ohhhhh just realised u are in Scotland lol
    Hi, just wondered if u cud tell me if wen yr husband gets his visa does he have to fly from Tunis to Heathrow or Gatwick or can it be Monastair as Tunisair now fly from there to Gatwick?? thanks
    Yes we applied for the Fiance visa but he had a visitor visa before that. We did find it hard for the visitors visa but in the end he got it. It has been more expensive to do it the way we did it but its ok. He should be here soon he is just waiting for his work to let him leave. He has a 32 year career with them and needs to do everything properly. Yes I miss him so much but its not as bad because I know he can come and go with no problems. I'm glad H has settled in well. Good luck to you and I will be following your progress on here. :) xx
    I am in Brecon Mid Wales and he is in Tunis at the moment. We married here in July, he got his visa in June. He is just sorting out work stuff at the moment should be here permanent soon. He has been backwards and forwards but can't wait to have him here for good. I have just come back from having a week over there but I miss him so much. How has H settled in?
    Thank u for your opinion lol! Yes it is very easy to talk yourself out of things. My hubby doesnt have children so that is why I want to have one with him. Are you in the UK or over there? Thanks again for messaging back :) xx
    Hi Mrs H Hope you are well :) I hope you don't mind me asking but I saw on one of your posts that you had a large age gap between your last child and this one you are pregnant with now. I am asking because my youngest is 12 and my oldest is 16 and me and my husband now are thinking of having a child together. I am worried though because I am now 40 and it was such a long time ago since my last. Do you think I am too old? Sorry if you think I have overstepped the mark but I just wanted your opinion. Thank u Alicia xx
    Hello!! how are you doing hope in great health. Just saying hello. And best wishes. Take care.
    added u hun my names just plain old Jacqueline Zidi lol x
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