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  • Yes I am good thanks, how did your trip go?
    I see you wrote back on your own wall, lol.... yeah I guessed haha.. u will be 43? my mum is 1 month older than u :) lol so 12th S bday. 13th yours, n 18th mine and of course mine has to be the biggest as its my 21st :p lmao
    where will u be staying in april? I think I may stay in Hammamet!!
    weell as you have guessedd mines the 13th. lol party party
    well I am hoping to go 28thfeb/1st march, but should also be going in april.. S bday is the 12th and my 21st is the 18th of april :)
    So your 13hours ahead? going ok, just hoping to c my lil pumpkin soon lol
    yeah its almost 6.30pm, hows it going?
    Hey just seen u online, must be afternoon for u over there? well its 5.24 here I should really get some sleep! lol
    Hey nat, means we will be there at the same time yehhhh. keep missing you on here and dolly!! we will have to meet up when we are there cant wait. take care my little nat x
    hi nat, probably going end of april so how long you gonna be there for? where are you? havent been on much myself cos been working 7 days a week!! try and come back on and we can have a chat xxx
    Hey babe, yes still wanna do it. How long you going for hun as was going to try and book for the end of april!!!! will try and get hold of you an msn xxxxx come back on I miss you and luv ya too xxxx
    have you got your paperwork sorted yet hun???
    ahhhh natnat where have you been!!!! Ive missed you to please come back xxx
    Ive added you babe and share your tits oh lollllll x
    lol, love you long time
    dont yes dearest me you little monkey!!! I wont say anything to your BF I promise I will be nice cos that is for you to say not me! get your arse on here NOW xxxx
    Hey natnat where are you?????? havent been on here had sooo much work and havent had time, catching up after I couldnt go in cos of the snow. get back on here NOW I wanna talk to you. hope your ok .xxx paula
    Hi Natnat
    Just wanted to say hello...and also that my heart goes out to you. After all you've been dealing with...still having to put-up with some stupid, ignorant comments - whilst still maintaining your dignity! Well done! Only goes to show... what's what or better said; who's who; in terms of personality and character! Cheers to you xxxx
    Goodnight hun x x
    no, A B A im sure his last name is two words
    sorry nanat i wanted to ask u does his name start with an I and last name start with B ?
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