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  • we applied on the 27th of november, whats the fax address, im gonna try that monday, i dont know what else to do, im not pregnant yet but i dunno i guess something has to be said for trying to get him here for a nice xmas, any more ideas for how i could persuade him? lol

    thanks for your help love xx xxx
    I know you just feel like you cant do anything your life is in the hands of sumone with a yes no stamp its horriable. His name is Mr Gordon Stein i didnt have an direct contact like his personal email so i just faxed a letter addressed to him staright to the visa section of the embassy. I basically outlined the situation and the desperation of needing my husband here. Not just for us but for the baby. I sent a letter again today saying thank you,lol because as bad as they are at the embassy they have changed our lives and im so greatful. Ive been married since july so i know how u feel, after a wedding ur not suppose to be apart isnt that the whole point of marriage.lol you should be honeymooning. Dont worry love you seem sorted i know its hard but u got 2 keep +. When did you apply? we got an answer within 3 weeks from the 14th november xxxx
    oh and 6 months bank statements and salary slips and my work contract for my job ive been there 8 yrs plus a p60 and a letter from my manager.... a screenshot of the cheap website i used to make phone calls plus all the phone cards...my birth cert and his xxx sorry i just remembered
    thanks hun. well he has a job offer here and we do not have much money but we have been together 2 yrs and 3 monthes and have every single pic to prove it, wedding pics, house plan in england, supporting letters from family, an income and expenditure form. phone bills, letters and cards, wedding invites, local jobs here and a local english course he can attend. a 3 page covering letter explaining our relationship etc and photos with his family..my passport and all the stamps, all the ticket information,letter from my mum saying he can move in. his passport and b3 and marriage cert...i think thats all i included..we had bout 40 pictures in all as well....im really worried its not enough or we will get turned down :( wot do you think ? oh i had a contact number and info for a specific job in the uk does that help?? xxx
    Hia luv well i put everything in that they ask for. They mainly want to know is he educated?got a job?money?prospects?. So i included his 3 year uni diploma,job offer in uk,savings accounts (we both had about 6000 pounds between us). They also want to know if your relationship is real so i put all 30 immigration stamps in,lol pictures of the first time we met 3 half years ago when i was only 17 then pics up to when we got married. Phones bills,emails,wedding cards, birthday cards. I also included a maternity certificate and a scan picture. I wrote a covering letter and so did my mum and dad who own there own buisness. Mohamed wrote a personal statement and had character references from his boss and tutors. ooooooooo what else? erm o we have built 2 appartements so we showed them the docs and pictures of them o and i included a floor plan and pictures of my house and jobs on offer in local area. Hope this helps hun x
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