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    Best time for visit??

    Spring is great, warm enough to be very very comfortable indeed.
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    Trains, Taxis from PEK

    Good point, I did wonder what it was like getting around there for the disabled.
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    Daughter on Student Exchange

    Ha I didnt notice that either to be honest :)
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    Bringing bits in to tunisa

    Pleant to see, do and buy there?
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    Travel To Tunisia

    Great stuff, thanks for the info.
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    Tunesian Recipes?

    Excellent stuff, I will try some of that out, thanks for that.
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    Tunesian diet

    I'm just a very happy vegetarian :)
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    Great advice, thanks for that. Its important to know where you qan get a reliable cab.
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    Bringing bits in to tunisa

    I was just curious in general , not really in need of anything in particular.
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    Favorite places

    Sorry I did not quite get that to be honest :)
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    Tunesian Recipes?

    Thanks for the link, I will look at all of it and try some stuff out.
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    its important to understand and respect the social and cultural rules in a country.
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    War sites and graves

    Uhnfortunately this cannot be said about every cemetary that I have seen in many countries.
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    Not sure if there are any at all to be honest but I am sure that the Internet can tell you more.
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    Tunesian Recipes?

    Does anyone have any Tunesian food recipes? I am especially interested ihn vegetarian ones.