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    Translation help please

    I will call you in a few, I am with the man. - What does it mean? - I didn't understand you. - Because you understand. - Thank you yourself. - Okay, may god be in your help.
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    Wow younger tunisan man fooled me

    Legally speaking, the money you've handed to the person was not agreed for a favour in return. Unfortunately, there isn't a way you can have him prosecuted under no grounds of apparent fraud or extortion. You can always ask for him or his family to push him towards giving you your money back...
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    Help translate please thanks in advance

    Sent you a pm.
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    Translate please?

    Yeah true, it is the same and also 'tfq' too
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    Chit Chat about anything..

    Thank you Essem <3
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    Chit Chat about anything..

    Thank you Kris! :D
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    Getting Tunisian citizenship by marriage

    Yeah, it is recommended that you do not obtain a Tunisian citizenship but still it has its standard perks, it is up to you tho.
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    Chit Chat about anything..

    Hello everyone.
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    Translate please?

    chta3mel is "what are you doing now?" or "wyd" in short
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    extremely grateful if anyone can translate xx

    hhhhhh, "hahaha **** this country"
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    Translation needed please

    yeah, from arabic/tunisian to english? go ahead and send me