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  • Hey hun, im grand thanks, avnt been on Tforum either for a long time. been busy. hows the hubby, has he settled? Mine is grand just the town i live in is small and we went to ur neck of the woods last weekend and he is like why dont you live here ahhhh it was lovely we did alot of sight seeing. but all is good and it is about time.
    Hi Philly,

    I have deleted post on visa section about kerrie, she left for her own reasons maybe she will be back who knows xx xx
    id have to wait later in the year to fly, had a look at some websites and they comeing up as £400, cant afford to pay that for a ticket :(
    omg, Then its a further 6 hours to his house... im not going LOL
    ahh thanks for the info :) xx
    Hi Philly, thanks for the pics, fabulous!!!!!!!!!! Hope all is well with you, when are you going back to Tunisia? Ive been working hard the last 3 days need, im knackered!
    Hey Philly, you must be a night hawk aswell lol xx xx
    hi hun, i saw u said u stayed in the tej marhaba with yur hubby, did u have any problems with you and him staying together? did they ask questions? im lookin for me and my man to stay with my family there in december xx
    Im sure I will have a good time, cant wait for some hot weather! I have finished the relationship (good reasons), long story and I wont go in to it as he can read this. Thanks, will look forward to seeing the pics. The pics on Thomson look fab...... :)
    Hi Philly
    Thanks for getting in contact. Yes, it looks amazing and I cant wait! Maybe me going as a hot single girl, the service could be great! lol :)
    send me ur email addy... i had to change email addresses and i lost everything :(
    Hey Philly, just checkin in with ya to see how ur getting on with the visa?
    well girl where are ur pics eh? i thought i seen ones up from ur last trip? i sent u bac an email thanks
    wow two weeks? Thats good news. So u can get a decision on ur appeal as quick as that?
    Yeh we took them to the embassy, they took a french and english and said something aboutthe register office in my country will contact me. Whatever that means.
    oh dear, nothing's easy is it.
    Im feeling a bit fed up to be honest.
    that would be kool. I remember travelling 6 hours once by road.. was horrible and that was in july.
    He dont have internet in his home, he keeps asking and whoever provides internet over there told him he must wait. He should of had it last weekend but he didnt get it for some reason. Now he has no idea when he will get it.
    When was u thinking of going over?
    yeh i might, when ive got it sortid from my end i will try and get there just for a few days if poss or a week if work allows me. Its so hard bcz i cant talk to him about any of it as i dont see him much online and cant talk about it through text messages.
    I know how u feel, i was up at 6am :( same tomorrow. But monday off yay.
    Hmmm cocolate... nice thought and i dont have any lol.
    Yeh visa collecting is going ok... ive done half of my call records. Dont realise how many calls and text were sent untill i saw it on paper lol. Gotta think what to do about his. I only have the ones on paper when he was in tunisia. How did u do ur hubbys calls and texts? Hicham dont have receipts either.
    ohhh i been dreaming all day of being somewhere else. Yes its been very hot today and i been seeing tooooo many planes in the sky. Depressing lol.
    Im good, really sleepy now though. I cant wait for those two weeks but very tempted to stay longer lol.
    hey! Yeh im good thanks and u?
    Ive taken a few days rest from the visa lol. Will continue with it over the weekend.
    Im happy today.... 2 weeks today i got married :). Want to do something really special when im with him next time.
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