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    yeh i went before... 28 quid for a few days lol... unbelieeeeeeeeevable. But does that visa work if i enter algiera from the uk and then leave to tunisia and go back to algeria from tunisa? Or i need seperate visa's? confusing lol. He's from Biskra.
    yessssssss lol
    He will go to tunisia with mine and his documents and get some marriage thing, then he said he can return to his country. I meet him there and stay in algeria for few days then travel with him back to tunisia to marry. I soooooooooo hope it goes to plan. If we marry in the registry place ( i dont know what they call it) muncipile?? Do u have any idea on amount of money that we would need... this is what im stressing about now lol
    would i need to stay 21 days though?
    Great, thank u so much.. you really have helped me so much.. i dont feel so stressed anymore.. Congratulations again on your marriage.
    Hey, thanks a millions for the info. Just another question. When you got your birth certificate, the up to date one, how new did it have to be. Im going on the 17th April, if i get my up to date birth certificate now and have it translated here now, say this week. Will that be accepted? Iv heard that it has to be within a month of getting married.
    Hey, Thanks for the reply. Completely forgot to even say congratulations to you!!! So CONGRATULATIONS!!! Im getting married in April. When you go to the consulate, do they give u a letter straight away or do u have to wait a few days? I was on to the consular section here in Ireland and the Minister for Foreign Affairs and the Registrars office and all of them said i dont need permission to get married.. I hope they give it straight away cos i dont have time really to be waiting and im so stressed all ready!! lol
    thnk god u found it wer was it?
    is people in it tunisians or irish
    wud ur algerian husband aooly for his visa in tunisia or send it over to egypt
    You are most welcome :D
    you're welcome philly....XX :)
    THANKS EVERYBODY i really appreciate the lovely comments
    you look lovely!...congratulations to you both!...xx :)
    gorgeous pictures!!! loved the beach one! congratulation to both of you!!! xxx
    You look absolutely beautiful!!!!! And the setting is gorgeous. Congratulations!
    lovely photos! Congratulations to you both xx
    Congratulations to you both , beautiful photos..
    you have beautiful wedding photos philly. congratulations to the both of you!
    Hey philly. Can you tell me if you had to get permission from the Irish Consulate in Tunis? and if so, why you need it? Anyone iv phoned here in Ireland e.g minister for Foreign Affairs and Registrars office all say i dont need it. Can you help me.
    nice to see u r bak well i think ur trip done gd in all
    and i m tellingt u we didnt find it :s

    and our stay was been together and just a hol

    so notin went threw with our marriage even to ask consulate about what we need exactly coz u no my girl didnt get certificat of cotumne in time so dts wat happend

    so we leaving the marriage till the summer in june

    keep in touch!!
    hi i hope ur having good time in tunisia

    and i hope u contact me as soon as ur bak in ireland i need to ask u about something
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