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  • Hi Ros81,

    How did you get on? We couldn't find another number that's why we used that one it worked lol x x
    Hi Ros81,

    We put down the number on the imagration stamp on his passport.

    My hubby had 4 numbers on this so that's what we used.

    Hope this helps
    hi , i knew from one of your post when you said he lives 5 minutes away from the airport (enfidha) and thats where i come from , ive been in the uk now since 1998 and i live in plymouth with my wife and my beautiful 7 months old little princess . best wishes four you both in the future
    Just keeping an eye out for all of us on here x x
    I was starting to think that you had a stalker :D and thats why i checked it out..Glad that you did not mind x:)
    thanks for the add,.
    Hi thanks for your message, My husband is feeling a bit down at the moment, his visa is only for 6 months therefore its hard with finding job. We need to reaply now but the marriage certificate and translation are still with The Embassy. We live in Bournemouth, hope you are not far away so we could meet up. hope your husband is finding it much easier. xxx
    hiya hun, I realized you wer from the midlands. i just wondered where abouts ad im from there xxx
    Hiya Ros81, Thanks for the reply... Your SO lucky, How quick it was.. Me and hubby put our's in on the 13th Jan , Still waiting :(... Was you there with hubby when he applied ? If so was you the one's with a little girl ?
    lol im like that 2 pm privet message on ur email hun.xx msn.
    Hi Ros81, Congratulations on the visa.. Just wanted to ask what day did you visit the embassay and how long has it took ? if u dont mind me asking. Karen x
    hiya just sent u a pm on ur email. thanks.xx
    hey hun congratulations on hubbies visa.... do u have msn as would like so information on visa thanks x
    Hi wat happened bout the visa I've not heard frm my hubby guess it's bad 2scared to phone 2hear wat he's gonna say goin mad sat here feel so sick hows u xx
    hi welcome tot he forum and im pretty sure ur hubby will be fine my hubby got his on the 13th jan just waitd 3weeks for his now im hoping to go bak to collect him as i was there when he got the visa but returned to sort things out .. ul be fine nchallah and wish u all thebest ..xxx
    Welcome to the forum, hope that you enjoy it like we all do..
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