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  • Hello sara how are you?? I have not spoke to you in so long!! Hope your ok and all is good with you hunni,hope to speak to you soon lovely!!! xxx
    hi sara, i know how u feel its crazy all this planning!i am only having a very small wedding with ymum dad my children, my partners fam so will only be around 20 people so we decided to have it at his house its big enough! after we will be going to the Irish bar and hotel for 2 nights, the only things i know of is hotel el mouradi palace in portkt,take a look its so nice for a wedding resp! am sorry i cant help u with this one. im stressing with all this visa stuff think i will need 20 kilo just for that lol. take care.xx
    Hehe okay, I was just verifying, as I thought my mail wasn't working properly or something. :)
    Hey, did you get my email? :)
    Hello ur very welcome hunni xx
    Yeah xmas was good different but good lol we didnt have turkey we hyad chicken but im sure if we tried we could of found turkey lol..... Yeah we all settled in our new place but we keep changing our future plans so not sure how long we will be there now.... I know you have told me tons b4 lol but how does the elissa card wrok again i have lost the pm lol hows you anyway babe?? xxxxxxxxx take care xx
    Hey hunni hope your ok and merry christmas for 2moro xxx
    Yeah feb with my friends.. was suppose to be paid last week, going into pay it tomoz.. but feb is too far away if I get a knew job between now and then I hope to go between now and then.. I will tell them at interview I have already booked holiday and just save the dosh xx
    Yes I do, its a new rship though not been tgether at all long, he works in hammamet... xx how old r u? dont answer if you dont wish. when r u nex going?x
    Why are you spending alot of time and money there?
    Guessing u have tunisian boyf? where is he from?X
    Thats ok, I wish I was snowed under with work at least I would have money then x
    Hi Sara786 My fiance's sister is available to do hair and make up.She is in Hammam Sousse.If you want to pm me your details we'll take it from there.
    Hiya hope that you are in good health! sorry i don't know if there is a good beauty parlour in Sousse, maybe one of the girls can direct you in the right direction since they all seem to go to Sousse x x
    Hi Sara hope that you are in good health! Sorry pc working really slow this evening...Cerina is also one of my favourite, they do amazing products there as well..I had a really nice exfoliation all over my body then they just wrapped me up put some music on and i fell asleep, then i had a shower got dressed and felt great..Ste Younes coif in Nabeul is a great place to be waxed, its just opposite the Basketball...There's a young girl called reime there and she is really good at doing nails...
    Tell him that Roulla said sing a song for her and he will ...wonderful guy...plenty of kisses for him from me and my family...
    When i get a chance i will post some pictures of my son and ramzi playing cards together...
    Cool - i will have to hunt him down next trip! I have some friends in Nabeul, so spent some time there in July x
    Hey that is not impossible as that is what he does and yes he does have a fan club, he is even on face book..
    No even though i dont live there ,we stay in Nabeul i went there last week to see Ramzi and we all went for a bite to eat...He is so down to earth..He normally goes to the veranda coffee shop in sousse if he is there...
    Hey Sara Ramzi is at the Nero bar every friday and the rest of the week he is in sousse or singing at weddings....
    Hi Sara 786 hope that you are in good health! Just seen that you like Ramzi abdulwaheb, he is a very good friend of ours and he is brilliant, i was with him last week in sousse..Yes he does have a new album out, its called Ramzi live show...
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