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  • I am fine thank you! I tried i may have missed something out though, sorry..x
    Hi how are you, ok just trying and i may have missed something out, but here goes..

    Edeb are you ok ? My brother is ok now, hope to god that he will be ok, be careful , look after yourself.Good luck

    Are you ok love, i havent got the luck always. She is looking at your picture before we go..

    Your both beautiful but you are more beautiful.
    hun dont be silly he wouldnt have got anymore cos z knew it was down to me he just knew told me yesterday! so he woulnt have found anything, infact thank you for help definately not failed me youv been there when i needed to rant should be home about 6pm wil tx wen i'm online. luv ya bak sweets xx (sorry posted on mine-head is all over the place)
    its flamming hard!!!! cant cos at work & boss is on fb to so wont look good :) i take youv read the posts xx
    think i'v replied 7 or 8 times since lol xxx
    its hard i know babes we are alike & i'm constantly looking into things way to much, i did notice by your post :) hopefully will catch up with you on FB! heads fried! bless you - i'v not seen my cousin for 10 days & 1st thing she said OMG you got loads more grey hair!!!!!!!!! NOT HAPPY, you know where to find me if you wanna talk big hug hun xxx
    hi sweetie not been on over the weekend had to study :( glad to hear things are great & a well deserved large drink :) i'm looking forward to this friday coming as had a quiet wkend altho had a large drinky at home! everything is ok still trying to sort my head but not as stressed as i was :) hopefully will catch up properly this wk thanks hun xxx
    hey hun hows things going :) xx
    back at ya sweetie xx :)
    hey you :) that does sound good i'm all excited too :D ok well i'l put my email in my profile so when you next on send me email & i'l get you the name woohoo! this is good but feet firmly on the ground still as could turn out wrong! xx
    still working on it saz ill let you know once i'v sorted it :) why has it got to be so difficult aahhh! >( thats why i love this site cos there're so many in the the same boat & get how you feel chin up you to hun xx
    thanks hun, it sure is hard :( i'm not sure how safe it is to put my email address, i'l ask one of the others thats if you dont mind! i have doubts sometimes about him just cos of the distance thing & any info about him or his family would help x
    thanks saz for your time very much appreciated :) my mans family still there, i'm hoping to visit them soon for the first time! scary stuff my guy is only young, works outside but just a thought, always helps to have a little extra info nothing like being prepared :) thanks again x
    hi saz hope your well was just reading the post & notice siliana is your fella from there, i hope you dont mind me asking cos thats where mine is from and i know its a small town just wondered whether know him or of him, sorry for bothering you x :)
    Hi and welcome to the forum, hope that you enjoy it like we all do...
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