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  • morning,

    thank you sooo much for your kind message x
    ok fine but just remember cas you picked on me first ok i have many friends here and on other sites they know me ..cant you just get over it ..and move on..
    Have you quite finished ? I`ll leave them on my wall so people can just see for themselves.
    There's no IF about it and hey do not tell me how to act, talk, or respond to people on a forum who are NOT professional in their behaviours ,manners or etiquette and btw I am a professional in school and I dislike people who "Label" another because they have a pre-conceived idea of what the label should be..Im putting an end to this now you make people feel very unwelcome thats your forte I think..
    If you are a professional person act professionally in how you post, starting with your reply to Cave or accept retorts as I do from you
    Hi Scarlett Rose, I just did send you an email, if you didn't get it, let me know and I try again.
    Hope I can help you!
    i know how you feel my daughter is the same lol..
    unfortunately dont think i'm going back until end of june but we'll see..itchy feet..lmao..xx
    Hiya hun thanx for the friend add...dont know if you'll want to be friends with a crazy girl like me..lol..xx :cool:)
    Hiya, thanks for your lovely comments about my photos :) x
    OH sorry to ask but are you still interested in the tkt? just i need to know if you are or not as i really do need to sell it somehow. x
    Hi there ... well we were closed monday and friday but i managed other days ok. Its a bit of a nuissance though isnt it? how are you?
    Hi there sorry i seem to be having problems with my emails, i am from Sunderland and i work within Education also i am a HLTA. I am married and my husband arrrived in the UK on the 24 Occtober to our delight!! So i was supposed to go out on holiday halfterm but his visa was passed quicker than i expected. Call me if you would like to chat on my home number which is 0191 5286980 or mobile 07502462866. The tkt is a return from newcastle to Monastir and is valid for name and date change.

    take care
    chrisitne ben sammouna
    Hi i have sent you an email, thanks for the reply.
    Hi Scarlett, I'm downsizing and moving to another village about 20 minutes from me. Have had great fun shopping for furniture, loved every minute but I've had so much stuff to sort out it's been exhausting too. How long are you in Hammamet for?
    Hi Scarlett, Nice to hear from you. I'm fine - moving house this week so not enough hours in the day. Have a wonderful holiday and stay safe!
    Hey, where in Hammamet do you stay? do you have tunisian boyf,partner?x
    Hey F,

    I hope yr ok, sorry to hear about yr job and moving out. I hate this stupid recession x
    hi hun

    im feeling much better now, my dad is out of hospital now and is home resting :)

    how are you? x
    Thank you the wedding was great xxx
    It's getting cooler now, at least we can sleep lol

    Hope you're ok.
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