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    Hi, you know only Kris can delete accounts so if you are sure can you contact him Many Thanks Cas
    Hi there, read your message and would like you to know I deleted the posts in question straight away. Would like you to reconsider your request we aren`t all too bad on here you know , it`s tricky keeping up with requests sometimes as today I have already had someone not involved complaining that we delete threads etc......Follows life I suppose but we would miss your posts anyway, please reconsider.
    hi Seanita how r u doig? i hope u r ok well i want to ask ya a favor plz i posted 2 days ago a thread in the first one in "wedding and visa issue" bout IRL plz it seems like no body reply on it plz can u take look on it and if u can help me with it i'm really stressed plz Seanita i know its only u can help me with that i will b really thankfull..
    lovely regards
    Hi babes, debstyler lives close to me so maybe she might want to join in one of our coffee meeting sometime lol hope you are all well and happy, give my little princess a kiss from me and her uncle o, hope to see her soon xo
    Yes for my sins!!! lol Thanks very much for the good luck tho looks like visa applications will be on the back burner for a bit! Considering a move to Ireland!!!! lol Congrats on getting the IRL I'm sure thats a weight off your mind. How did hubby settle over here? Im worried that my hubby thinks its a magical place where everyone has fantastic lives no matter how much I tell him its not!!! lol xx
    hey, sorry to bother you but seen u had entered into a next baby competion online! Sorry only just seen it I have posted a link that was sent to me on Fb and have copied it onto ur thread please read it xx Better to be safe then sorry where children are involved xx
    Hiya, hope you dont mind me contacting you, but had read about you gaining a visitor visa and was wondering if you could offer me some advice, as Im in the middle of doing ours now, if you dont mind? Thank you :) x
    That's great thank-you, I'm guessing it's just luck ... Known him a shorter time, but been out 3 times so far .... Fingers crossed, just want him over for Xmas as it's a quieter time for him at work ... Can but try! Thanks again, much appreciated x
    Hi there, Hope you don't mind the random message but been reading a thread where you gained a visitor visa .... May I ask how long you were together before applying?
    Hope all is well, you look very happy in your profile pic :)
    Thank you, L x
    Morning Seanita, Sorry, have only just picked up your message. My daughter did a joint honours degree at Leeds Uni in Arabic/German. She then got a job in Tunisia as Liaison Officer in a factory and fell in love (and married) the owner's younger brother. Two children later Elise decided to do a TEFL and this she did at Bedfordshire Uni (whilst my husband and I looked after the kids). Although it cost £1000, it was the best thing she did and has never looked back. She works for Amideast in Sousee and they offer her more work than she can accept. The salary is really good for Tunisia, too. She doesn't even have to pay tax! Hope that helps.
    ur welcome seanita i will always remember your kind words when i first visited the site xx
    Your precious little girl is so beautiful and i love the name congrats xxxx
    hi been getting contractions but they keep going after a while but it still very active. congratulations on your little 1 xx
    Just heard the good news.Congratulations and best wishes to you
    going out on Wednesday hope this time to set something up - think about you a lot hope you and little one are fine. Love to you all make sure Mo lets me know when you are three. xx
    Hope you and bump are doing well x
    Hi Seanita, just popping by to say hello and see how you are not chatted to you in a while xxx Hope all is well xx
    i know, i cant wait lol

    how are you hun? :) x
    hi hun

    im ok, still hoping all is ok with Wajdi :)

    thanks hun, he is getting better just trying to get him to rest which is proving difficult lol

    how are you hun? x
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