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  • Happy New Year to you both. Hope everythings going well for you and your bump. xx
    Just what i said to him last week when we had the snow and icy blasts...he laughed and said i be fine....i dont think so he thinks tunisia is cold now at 22 degrees . He will probably just stay under a duvet and complain it isnt a blanket....ha ha
    Merry xmas to you and your family and a happy new year for 2010 x
    ive been to breastfeeding clinic few weeks ago so hoping i can do it :), dont feel bad hunni at the end of the day its both your baby and they need to understand you do it your way x next week i am seeing ante natal class so hubby can come and get info ask questions etc and know where he has to take me when the time comes lol, then midwife on thursday then i have to see the aneasitis (i know not how to spell it lol) as being overweight they need to be ready for me incase i need epidural or anything to help me and also because im rhesus negative blood..... god im scared
    i was worried about those things, but i spoke to my sis in law who is doctor at the maternity hospital and everything i said she agreed with me, i wouldnt like my baby getting honey either as this can cause disease at such a young age :-( although Tarek has never said anything but i know if he thinks im doing it wrong he will tell me what he thinks, i then tell him phone your sister lol she always backs me up hehe
    oh forgot to say once you have your ante natal classes its starts to really hit home thats why im scared now lol i have my last single one today then Tarek will go with me to hospital next week, i have 3 appointments at hospital next week :-(
    oh i know hun im started to get very scared i must admit Tarek cant wait but me im terrified me look after a baby OMG ive never done that before lol, Tarek done the painting in the baby room he is quite good :), we have a couple of names but we are waiting to see her 1st before we decide its either Amira or Aicha no middle names as would cause too many problems between us lol
    hey Seanita, 4 weeks on saturday im due hun but baby head down ready to go been in slow labour apparently for almost 2 weeks coz waters partially broken been in pain quite a bit :-( but im hanging in there hehe. We are skint trying to pay all the debt off before baby comes and doing quite well there. Although the baby room is all ready thank god, getting the pram on friday which my lovely parents paid for along with the cot and they are keeping it all at their house :).. how long you got now hunni? did you know im having a girl too? xx
    Thank you Seanita i,m so pleased everything is going great for you thank you
    Hi Seanita has your husband settled in i think mine is feeling homesick i,m so worried he won,t settle
    thank you i want this feeling to last forever he,s sat watching the football at the mo lol we his feet up lol
    Hello Seanita, hope your well and happy!!!
    Thank you so much for sending me a message, yeah i fly out 8.30ish friday morning, im so excited!! I know time has gone so fast and typical me left it all till the end im rushing around doing washing,packing and im having to clear out old wardrobes ect so my mum can have the space.. Thanks again and hope your well xxxx
    that should work out fine, dont have to be on the bus to work til 3 so hey ho bring it in lol hxo
    i have an interview at 11.30 but can go straight in to town if you can wait on me, shouldnt take too long hxo
    hi hun

    how are you? x
    thanks hun :)

    me too x
    hi hun

    no im still waiting to talkto him and amillion and ones things are stillinmy head ;(

    how are you?

    i have just found out that i have been made redundant :(
    Hi Seanita, thanks for your message, and also for the friendship, can't believe I had'nt added you as a friend before now, an oversight on my part. Hope you're keeping well. I'm doing ok but getting a bit fed up of Doctors and hospitals. LOL but the end result will be worth it.
    hiya, yeah it was a nice afternoon, o had a great time with mo im really glad they get on its nice for them to have friends from home hxo
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