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  • Hey, Kris replied and said this:

    This functionality is disabled for all but admin level.

    Even in that case its html allowed-I have looked into it and short of giving HTML signatures it is not advisable since there are vulnerabilities in doing so apparently so I am not going to risk it at the moment though I will have a think.



    Sorry :(
    Sorry to hear about your cold. I had something similar last week. Bet you feel like death
    :( Get that husband of yours waiting on you hand and foot LOL :)
    Fingers crossed that Hamdi gets a nice immigration officer if there is such a thing! Take care of yourself. Speak soon ilovebdtx
    Hey Hun, I'm half excited, half nervous. I sent Hamdi a detailled e-mail yesterday about the landing card, where to go when he gets off the plane and a list of possible questions they may ask him at immigration. It may be that they don't ask him anything at all, fingers crossed, I just wanted to prepare him for the worst that could happen. He is his usual relaxed, positive, sunny self. I told hm that the weather had turned a bit cold, so he has bought himself a jumper. LOL How are things with you? ilovebdtx
    hi hun

    how are you?

    did you have a good holiday? :)
    I had a not to bad holiday,got soaked through a couple of times, lol. The DK was okish. Not really the holiday place for me though. Thanks for asking though :)
    Hi Shauna think Aymen is coming over for a visit in October which is the best airline to book with from monastir? Nice to hear from you hope everything going well with you three x
    Hey Hun,
    How was your break? You have any morning or evening sickness yet? My big sis's baby arrived last Saturday 4 weeks early!!! She is a little doll :)
    No, nothing from the embassy as yet. I'm hoping, might be a tad optimistic, that because we have already waited I think it is about 6 weeks now that they wont refuse us and are just putting the paper work together :(

    fly out tomorrow night after 7 from dublin, cant wait! hubby says its tipping it down so will have to take some sun over with me never mind bringing any back lol am in work until 8 and still have loads to sort out, oh well if it aint in my case tonight then it aint going in! hxo
    hi hun

    just wanted to sasy, have a fantastic holiday and dont forget the pics lol x
    no probs hun

    have a good day :)

    thanks again X x
    i will pm you? :)

    thank you x
    can i ask you something please :) x
    Hi lovely to just see your message how are things wigh you when do you go to Tunisia it is soon isnt it. Have a lovely time I am soooooo jealous wish i was coming as well. xx
    nah, dont think he is with him, im a mess now, had my hopes up and now i feel like crying lol
    fingers crossed :)
    hi hun

    its very rare i get day's off lol

    i go to bed about 11pm and then up at 7am lol

    pregency i here is teh worse thing for getting sleep lol

    just had a misse dcall of wajdi cousin hoping he would be ther ewith him but when i call himback he is not answering, i have text him and no reply but thisis teh time wajdi calls me if he is with his cousin :(
    hi hun

    im ok, little tired tho as i had to get up early for work :(

    i havent, still looking at dresses but i dont want to make any decisions without speaking to Wajdi first.
    OMG I hope not, Sofiane has done his year he hated it.

    Helen x x

    You look stunning in your pics, and so happy.

    Helen x x
    hi hun

    how are you? :)

    when you got married did you have bridesmaids, also did your dad give you away like we do back home or is it much more relaxed in Tunisia :)
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