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  • i haven't bought anything yet cos don't know if its a boy or girl yet hehe, but i have another scan in about 8 weeks hoping to find out then :)
    THose that do are just jealous i think!!!!! Congratulations we have appointment next week so fingers crossed it all goes well....I dont think we have anything that will let us down except the short relationship!!!!! but you got yours so am hoping we get it!!!!!!! Is there anything that they say no to in particular?
    Thanks for the picture comment I like this one also we look so in love here....but some will say he's looking to the visa lol! hahaha
    hiya im good thanks how r u? got 17 weeks til due date i cant wait :) x
    hi hun

    if you want a quick noey i have outa picture of my dress up inmy profile album, just worried about the front, tell me what you think to it :) lol
    i dont blame her - you cant wear black for a wedding lol
    she is 4 years older than me

    she just said she is worried tho at what type of dress i put her in lol ha ha ha
    my sister is coming down tomorrow for my birthday next week so he is bringing some magazine's down for us to look through, she wants to start planning it already lol
    im hoping soo - i want everything

    they will be yeah - just told my sister and she is over the moon, she is going to be my bridesmaid

    soo much to sort out
    will will be marrying in Sousse but he wants a church (whatever they are called there) and i do but also want a big party afterwards lol

    aww you are right, baby will see its grandparents x
    i really hope soo hun :)

    you will have to come to wedding in July - 22nd :) x
    awww hun im sooo happy for you :) jelous but happy lol
    awww hun thats well cool, twins are cool you can dress them the same and everything, like you tho i would be glad that its only one - not as much pain lol - awww im sooo happy for you both :)

    when the time comes do you want to know if you are having a boy or a girl? x
    im sureit will too hun x

    when is your baby hun?
    awww you are soooooooooo lucky to be having a baby, thats the next thing i want after marriage, our own little family :)

    probably take me years to save especially now i have wedding to plan - not just yet but nearer time :)
    hi hun

    aww i am sooo happy, i cant tell ya, im on cloud 9 :) lol

    my plan is to move out there hopefully once i have saved enough money x

    i have tried reading the no marmite beofre iand i cant even get on it :(
    hi hun

    im ok, spoke to Wajdi last night and we are thinking of marrying next year on his birthday (22nd July) :) just been looking at wedding dresses on line and i love sooo many of them, going to pop into some shops when im off for my birthday next week - i know its early but i want to see what is out there and the prices they start at :)
    hi hun

    im a lot better thanks, still not 100% but better than i was :)

    thank you, you will have to come and stay with me for a weekend or something and try and get over your fear if you like - he is an angel and never puts a foot wrong :)
    awww thank u hun
    was just looking at ure wedding pics there lovely
    gettin me rather exited aswell lol :)
    i say lunch but at 11am its more like breakfast lol

    gonna nip to McDonalds lol
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