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  • Hi Sheila hope that you are well and that you have had a great day! You really are a lovely lady with so many kind words when you write to me thank you x x and yes even though people say stop worrying i think that it is natural to worry ..
    Hi Sheila hope that you are in good health! Yes we are all well thank you. If Essem said that she would rent it out for you then she will because i know Essem and i know that she means what she says and i have a feeling that Essem would also know that you are after sterling, ask Essem about the account . On saying that i am more than sure that you can open a foreign currency account here as well, hope that you get everything sorted and try not to worry to much. You could always place that you are renting out on here if you ask Chris and i am more than sure that he will not say No that way you are certain that you will be paid in Sterling if that makes sense. Take care x
    Hi Sheila
    Lovely to hear from you. You'll be able to change money at airport bank on entry to Tunisia if you need some dinars to start with. Or withdraw some from the ATM at airport using your card. Failing that the driver will most probably accept English money (notes or pound coins) - many do as they can then change them at banks or with other tourists.

    Give them the address as Les Dunes, Tantana, Chott Meriem - they all run into one another along there and bounderies are blurred.

    Good news that it'sgoing to be ready - at last I hear you saying! My friends, who live in Residence Adam (end of your street on the beach) will be back out end September so I'll no doubt be along there visiting a few times..
    Hello-hope you ok.I think you must be mixing me with someone else. Good luck on the appartment.My hubby is here with me and we have just had the Indefinate Leave to Remain. I had a brain hemorage 2 years ago and another op last July.I went to Tunisia in May and i will probably go to visit family oct or nov. Problems back in Tunisia now.Big trouble in Tunis and Sidi Bousi. Hope all will be ok in sept/oct when the elections are held.xx
    Yes it's been very delayed - noticed htat when I visited my friends in Residence Adam last week!
    Hi Sheila, I'm fine thank you and hope you are too. Enjoying the sun but weather pretty mixed - still warm although we've had a couple of thundery days. You'll be counting the days now? xx
    Hi Sheila,
    Your lawyer should keep you right but you need to have a Fiche D'Investissement which is paperwork confirming how much you paid and for what you paid it.

    Should u decide to sell, I believe that if you sell within the first 5 years of purchase, you pay 10% on the 'profit' made to the government and you should be able to transfer the rest back - I do not know anyone who has done this so far. Should you sell after having owned for 5 years, the percentage due on the profit is 5%.

    These figures may have changed but they are the only ones I have to go on.

    Hope this helps

    Hi Shelia,
    Did you manage to sort out any shipping? would you consider us shipping together and halfing the cost?
    Lisa x x
    Hi Sheila, I was along there today - have friends who live on the beach not too far from you.

    Keep watching the news reports though, nothing here for the moment but curfew just announced in Greater Tunis again!
    Hi Sheila,

    I'm here at the moment and all is fine where I am Hammam Sousse area. Is your apt finished?
    Hi Sheila we are fine thank you! Hope that you are also well! There have been loads of people saying different things the best person to ask right this minute is Essem she will let you know x x
    Hi Sheila i am very well thank you, hope that you also are in good health! I always bring money back you just have to know where to stash it if you know what i mean.. Place it in a place that you KNOW they WILL not Check HAHA X
    Hi Sheila hope that you are well! Yes it has been very cold here infact it is so cold i would not be surprised if it snowed again..No ofcourse i do not mind..x
    Hi Sheila hope that you are in good health! Yes time goes by quick when your having fun...Well at least they asked you all politely..x
    Hi Sheila i hope that you had a great night last night wherever it was that you went..x
    Here it is i just found it for you.. Book cheap transfers and transfer deals at Transfers4U
    Hi Sheila hope that you are well! You made me laugh, you are not thick at all , don't ever put yourself down.. Ok as for the transfers i will check up a few threads for you and let you know just give me 10 minutes or so and i will place the thread here for you,,As for the language you will find that many people do speak English but if you can speak French that that is even better.. Let me have a look for you now x
    Wow that is weird we must have both been writing to eachother at the same time, yes i did reply have a look down x
    Hi Sheila i bet you are so excited as the days are coming closer for you ..Sorry i do not know hoe much a taxi is from Enfidha to Tantana but would it not be cheaper for you to get transfers most of all the other members do, i get picked up by someone that has a very large car and he has been my private transfers for years but he is in Nabeul..I am sure that like i say it will be cheaper for you by Transfers..Sorry i am unable to help you on this one..Have a nice day x
    Hi Sheila hope that you are in good health! We are all fine thank you for asking.. Enfidha is now called Mohammed Bouaziz as they have taken off the ex Presidents name and are in the process of replacing it.. It was open when i went past it last year although i am not sure now what is happening but i will try and find out for you tomorrow if i can ..Speak to you later x
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