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  • Hiya im sorry hubby says his cousin is in France just now on hols for 1 month but he will ask when he comes back :-( I can understand how you feel x
    Hi Sheila. Sorry I haven't got an answer yet about the futons. I spoke to jay last night but I was absolutley furious at him as I have just found out that out of the 4 apartments (mine was supposed to be ready) none are even close to be finished. I have been lied to about the stage what it is at and now all my plans are shot. I was livid ;last night on the phone and hardley managed to let him have a word in edgeways. Anyway, I will let you know about the sofa beds when we are back on speaking terms.
    Hi Sheila, hope you are well. I have never seen sofa beds or futons myself as most people have spare single matresses kept in a cupboard to use for guests, but i ex[ect they would have them. Jay is currently in Tunisia checking on our building, so when he calls I will ask him if he knows.
    Hi Sheila of course if i find out i will let you know, hubby told me everything will be fine as he has a cousin who deals with this sort of thing so i will try find out for ya x
    Yes weather is fab-i am watching radio 1 big weekend on telly on BBC 3-this is being held 3 miles away from me in BANGOR-North Wales-the biggest thing ever to come to this neck of the woods-20k people there yesterday and 20k today.Prince William even went yesterday as he is based in RAF Valley -15 miles away.Have a good time-enjoy.xxxx
    The 3 quotes that I got online,where all for shipping included the paperwork that they will complete. The 3 companies are: White and company, The moving supermarket and The removalgroup. The only thing I can think of is for you to contact the Tunisian Embassy in London and ask about this as they will know for sure what to do. Their number is (020) 7584 8117.
    You sound exactly like me. I have spent the last few weeks panicking and stressing over every little detail. I was in major panic mode over a school for my daughter and now thats sorted i am paniocking that when I get there in Sept, it will not be up to the standard In my head, and that the furniture will get lost or stolen or broken in transit. I am such a panicker. Luckily jay said he iwll sort it all out for me to ease the stress. Hopefully if all is sorted for me in sept, then I dont mind helping you to organise transport from Tunis for your stuff. The Dunes is about 5 mins from my place, so costs will be the same. Rach
    Is your new apartment at the Dunes resort in Kantaoui? If not I was just curious where you will be based cos my place is Kantaoui also. Rach
    500 tnd is 500 Tunisian Dinars so about £250. The beds are ok they are mostly wooden or leather type frames with seperate matresses. The matresses are not fantastic, you can buy good ones but they will be expensive. To be fair I havnt looked for divans BUT i have been to loads of furniture shops and have yet to find one. I have got a king size divan with a memory foam matress and would hate to think of the cost in Tunisia
    Hi.Yes I thought the message was not for me.lol.xxxx
    Well TV's and microwaves etc are expensive. Sofas and tables and beds are quite cheap. When i lived there i bought a 3 piece leather suite from the market i told you about and it cost us around 500tnd and about 5 for delivery!. You would be pushed to find a divan type bed, and I love my bed. I guess the main reason is cos I have so many toys and personal items, pictures, candles, ornaments etc, and so we thought why not take the lot, as i would have to ship the trampoline and the toys anyway as they are too large for the plane and you cant buy them there.
    Yes sure that will be ok-my sister in law Sonia loves to meet people -please let me know when you are going.xxx
    We were going to hire a van and take our stuff ourselves. My Ex is Tunisian and so the first time you take your stuff back to Tunisia, he would pay no import duty but if I would be charged but not sure how much. We have decided to ship it out in a container.Its a good option, as you book it and pay and the company does the res, including paying for import duty. The best quote i got was i think £1700 for a 15 cubic ft ( or was it metre, sorry canot recall) container. They will pack it and ship it and deal with all paperwork for Tunis side oif things, so its takes the stress off you, However, they do NOT deliver to your door, so you would need to arrange it from Tunis to PEK yourself. We are doing it differently now and are arranging the container from Tunisia cos Jay has a cousin who works in customs in Tunis and he will get a cost for us. When I get more info I will let you know. I have loads of stuff of my own that I want to take,especially kitchen stuff, toys and the 12ft trampoline
    Hi-my husbands father has a furniture shop in hammam sousse near PEK and you are welcome to go there to see.When are you going to Tunisia next-my husband's sister would meet you and help you-she and her husband are english teachers.She is lovely person and would give you a big welcome.xx
    Your welcome Sheila. I am moving back out with the kids in September and I will be taking all of my furniture from the UK with me. Just organising all logistics of it though, getting costs etc. Rach
    Hi Shelia hope that you are in good health! Thank you for the message i am well thank you..Yes i also have just invested in a fold up one and i have been loving it, might take it to Tunisia with me but i really am not sure as i think that riding is a must..Take care..:)
    Wishing you all the very best in your new home.I wish i could come to live there too.xx
    Hi Sheila hope that you are in good health! Glad that you are now getting the hang of things it does take a while to get use to we all started the same way, take care..
    Hi sheila-are you in a relationship or have u any friends in PEK or Sousse that can direct you to a furniture shop.It is hard to trust anybody-watch where you go as i know many that are being overcharged.xx
    Hi Shelia hope that you are in good health! If you would like the members on the forum to see what you have written then the best thing is to place your post on a thread..
    Simply go to the top of this page where you will see Tunisian.com community click on that and then you will see plenty of Topics click on the appropriate one that you want to post your message then write the message and then click on POST QUICK REPLY.. Hope that this helps..
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