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  • Hi Shell you asked me about shipping, but unfortunatley my apt has been delayed
    yet again so dont know when it will be completed, so Im going to go there and
    find some furniture shops and look at the prices and go from there, I dont need much
    as hopefully will be renting it out.Where is your place and when are you going? hope
    you are well, where are you in the UK ? best wishes Sheila.
    Hi Shell Im going over first to see how much the furniture is over there, but its a thought will let you know please
    keep in touch.
    Can I ask how much was the divorce? Do I need to send my soon-to-be-ex or his lawyer my identification number? My soon to be ex says it is going to cost 4000 dinar.
    He is also requesting I repay him 2200 dinar for his medical and police record for the visa application.
    Hiya chick how u doin lovely to meet u, hope all is ok. Im devestated to be back here im missing m so much. Get in touch and we can meet up for a cuppa and a chat xxxx
    hi shell seen in one of the forums that you know a man that rents apartments in pek just wondering if you know if there would be any problem with me renting it (british) and my boyfriend staying as he is tunisian and wrks in pek as i wouldnt like to offend anyone thank my email is [email protected]
    Can't wait to see your graduation pix, chin up and carry on being strong. Doesn't hurt to cry now and again, we put so much into trying to make things work we forget to look after ourselves. Your new start is just beginning, all the very best to you :) xx
    Hi Shell how are you? Hope studying is going well xx
    Hi Shell that sounds fab. Please could you email me his details to: [email protected] Thanks hun, your a lifesaver xx
    Hi Shell Iv'e just been going through treads and noticed you have said you have a number for a man who rents out apartments in pek? could you also let me have it please? i have been speaking to gem also but she seems to have disappeared lol. I'm hoping she will get back to me as the apartment she was trying to fix me up with sounded lovely, but i'm running out of time here as i really need to book my flights as they seem to be going up every day. thank you goldie x
    thankyou for that
    i will see if one of the ladies going earlier can help if not your help would be very much appreciated
    hi there
    what time do you land in monastir airport ?? and where in uk do you live ???
    thankyou for offering your help
    Hiya thanx for your message. My email is [email protected] if you want to get in touch. Yeah we can meet up for coffee. Is your hubby here with you ? xxxxxxxxx
    Hi Shell
    I wish you all the best.....make sure he will not stop you from achieving your degree..you will need all the energy going...... x x
    Shell, thanks for asking. I am fine thanks. Lots going on in my situation which I cannot talk about at the moment. Every step I take he is one step ahead of me, but the wheels of justice turn very slowly so I have to be patient. I promise that once this is sorted I will make a full report in the Forum. I have not been too well lately but am feeling much better and am making great progress in my situation.
    hi shell, hows thing going?? Hope you are well x
    Hi Shell, just to say you are not alone in this kind of situation, I passed through same situation ( I haven`t been married but lived together abroad). I just couldn`t believe how one person can change himself so so radically ....Take care, we are all with you :) L.
    Hi there Shell I am also a long standing member of T.com but have not been on for a fair bit due to the same sort of troubles you are facing having read your thread I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone and I am saddened to read that they continually let themselvses down by their childish and selfish acts. You are brave in your decision and you must continue to be strong in whatever choice you make in the future. I am currently with my husband but everything you have said is so true and I and many others can completely relate to you. Take care and if you every want someone to sound off at feel free (having said that if I'd of known you were in London three weeks ago e could of met for a coffeeand left him in Soho!!!) he he xxx
    Hi Shell
    Just wanted to say that im sorry about your relationship and i hope you are ok. You seemed so happy before and things seemed to have changed so much for you. I cant believe he has a criminal record now? What did he do? I hope it was nothing against you!!! Big hugs and take care of yourself!! xxxx
    hi shell , hows every thing going hows ur hubby finding uk / x
    hi shell, just wondered if you have heard anything yet. We have not heard a thing. im so nerveous as it could be any day now!
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