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  • thank you, i have been nosing for a long time, but just now opening, i have got over my problem ;)
    Καλό Πάσχα σε εσάς και την οικογένειά σας x x
    Hi Silver mou hope that you and your family are all in good health! Happy Independence day , hope that you and your family have a great day x x YouTube - Greek song (arabic original)
    Thank you for welcoming me to the forum. I no it was a long time ago, but im just feeling my way around at the moment sorry x
    Good morning Silver mou how are you and your family, hope that this message reaches you all in good health!..x x YouTube - Elissa New Exclusive Offical Song & Vid? (3a Baly Habibi -2010)
    hi silver how are you? sana is ok, she comes to the forum as well and you can find her in facebook, do you know her surname? just type her whole name and you will see her, she is stuning.i hope to see you there soon xxxx
    hi silver, thanks for the invitation...maybe one of these days :) you got facebook? i got sana as a friend there...if you got it you know my name it will be easy to find me among her friends....i see you will have a nice holidays this year including weddings !!!!!
    well hun take care xxxxx
    Good morning Silvermou, hope that you and your family are all in good health! Ελπίζω ο Θεός να μου θα πρόκειται τον Ιούλιο...x x
    hi silver, how are you? i wouldn't mind to go to your country and from there to tunisia :) but i think i won't go to tunisia this year... i went 3 times last year... in may i got holidays but i'm going to spain to see my family and in september i'm going to japan and singapor... what about you, any plans for your next holidays????
    i hope you are ok xxxx
    Hi Silvermou how have you been ? what have you been up too ? Really missed you on here..x x
    hi silver, how are you? are you going back to tunisia any soon???? xxx
    hi silver, how are you? i'm glad you are back and i hope everything is ok for you...i hope to talk to you soon xxx
    thats ok, take care. and enjoy having your internet connection back :D x
    Mana mou i am so happy that you are in good health! I am so happy that you are back i missed you so much agabimou x x x
    Meryy xmas to you and your family and a happy new year full of health, wealth, happiness and plenty of laughter x x
    yasas kokla... tikanis?
    Yasou Koklaki ;0) Po isis, Athina? me lene alekos :0)
    γεια!εισαι καλα?δεν σε βλεπω πια στο site.φιλια!!!
    I love your photos girl!! They're awesome.
    Rio xoxoxox
    Hi welcome back Silvermoonlight, A bit late I know but heartfelt none the less. Just had a look at your photos, they're amazing it looks like you had a wonderful time. xxx
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