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  • Hiya hope that you are in good health! Just popped over to wish you a happy birthday, hope that you had a great day, many happy returns to you from all of us here at T.com..
    hey i just got bak from algeria last night :) so sad had a brill time. ill help you with visa no probs ive applied twice :) had no probs this time i got family visa coz were married its a 3 month multiple entry visa last time they gave me a 21 day tourist visa
    :) you must be so excited ye gettine married in algeria?
    hey yeah lol if you need any info give me a shout, i went to algeria for 3 weeks in october it was fantastic meeting all his family, were going in january 17th to tunisia, cant wait, counting the days now, so if you need info to get algerian visa ill tell you what you need, nd for the wedding in tunisia too :)
    hello there :) im irish also with algerian fiance :) were going to be married in january inshallah :) how are you i see your going soon the count down is on yeaaaah
    yes ur hubby to be how u wifey :)
    yes the last time i was there was in September we was there for 2 months..Maybe going xmas jan as we have a wedding..be back soon going to get my son from school..
    you are more than welcome..
    Well i must admit it is quite chilly, just make sure that you have some warm clothes, have fun...
    Hello, the thing with Tunisia is they offer jobs to Tunisians first, unless you are highly skilled you will find it difficult. Tourist work would be ok but is normally arranged through a travel company in the Uk and then you could asked to be based there. Good luck :)
    Yes I am now very mixed up, I have seen a sulky side when he doesn.t get his own way. He is sulking now and won.t answer my texts. He will give in before I do, I am very stubborn. Thanks for the message.
    Hi Sj89, welcome, hope you enjoy it, its great and ppeople are lovely
    Hiya no i live here in the Uk and everyone says that it is hard to get a job , but i think that if you are determined then you will succeed , good luck..Just been looking myself but i am abit too old now , i am 45...with kids..but i will look for something as i hate living here..
    Hi Sj89 hope that you are in good health! If i was you i would email some like Thoma's cook and see if they have any jobs, if it is the tourism section that you are interested in..Good luck..
    Hiya welcome to the forum hope that you enjoy it like we all do..
    Hello sj89, welcome to Tunisia.com and our forum :)
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