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  • Hi Ya...Yes I am the same.....Good Luck for tommorow I will be thinking of you.....xxxxx
    hi there...thanks for ur update...wishin u all the best of luck for 8th and im waiting for good news...xxxxxx
    Hi Smiles, good luck for Friday!! Yep my hubby flew BA from Tunis to Gatwick without any problems :) will keep my fingers crossed for you x
    Hiya smiles I think ive put 2 n 2 together at least I hope so, are you T and you know who I am L and I meant everything I said to you in our e-mails. Speak soon and if im wrong im sorry lol xxx
    Oh, hun. You just go there and have a good time with your hubby. And please give me the news as soon as you can. I'm thinking of you and your hubzter. xxx
    Sorry hun I not been on in a long time!!! Are you supposed to get to Birmingham??? Why has the hearing been set for so far away????
    Hi Ya...
    Just wondering how you are and how your preparation is going for the court day.....we're just hanging in their really and keeping doing our preparation......our court day is just a few days after yours.....I hope you are ok......thinking of you.....xxxxxxx
    hey hun
    well it wasnt as bad as i thought and the judge was really nice, they kind of went over the refuse issues and then step by step me, judge and home office went over them and they looked threw all paperwork that i gave them lucky i also took original file as the embassy didnt send the judge anything.....

    he asked alot about how and when i met hubby about our relationship asked why i couldnt go live there ect xxx good luck x and if u need to ask any more ask away xx
    Thankyou for all your help....Keep preparing and I'm sure everything will be ok in the end......xxxx
    Hi Ya....

    I hope you are ok....I'm pleased you now have a court there is something for you to work towards now....I contacted the FTT and they said that they still had not recieved our documents from the then I tried to email Mr Perry at the embassy....but he has not replied like he has done with other people who use this breaks my heart really......anyway I was just wondering how you managed to get Mr Perry's email address????......Good Luck!!!!!......xxxxxx
    Thank you Lloydy7179 and congratulations again xxx
    Hi Smiles, sorry to hear about your refusal, we were luckily enough to get settlement visa 1st time. Mohamed didn't have any savings and he didn't produce any bank statements, however i did show my fianances and that i was in a good position to support him till he found employment, again i didn't show that i had any savings but i showed that i had a good well paid job that i'd been if for years!....Laura-Seif has just gone to appeal and been to court so she'll be the best one to ask what to expect :) Good luck and i hope you get to see him soon xx
    Hi Smiles..thats great news..hopefully everything will go smoothly for u and they will overturn the decision :) wishing u the best and thanks for letting me life is the same...hubby actually is in the hospital right now with apendicitis having operation :) im there with him as much as i can, hopefully hell be ok soon xx
    all the best to u and keep in touch xx
    oh thats good...wishin u the best in appeal and hope justicew ill be done xx let me know how things are going xxx
    Can you tell me how to delete my account i am sick and tired of people making adverse comments and thinking they have rights and other people dont!!? please x
    Hi Smiles.....thankyou for the update....our situation is still the same......hope you hear something soon......xxxxx
    Keep me updated, hun. I'm praying things move swiftly and you get your (positive) decision soon!!!! xxx
    Omg. You'd have not seen your husband in a whole year????? I pray for you, hun. I hope you get given answers and a decision soon. I was thinking of your the other day!!! Lol.
    Hi Ya....No we have had no news either.....yes I was suppost to fly to see Akrem on the 16th of Jan....but could not is heartbreaking......take care.....and keep going....xxxxxxx
    Hi I stay with my family in jendouba but we spent our honeymoon in tabarka. I'm flying back to jendouba 21 January:) happy new year
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