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  • hi smiles hun..just read 1 of ya posts and found that you to have a hubby in jendouba..SNAP so do i,and i was there on 27 oct to 10 nov,got married on 1 did you stay in tarbaka or jendouba?Im going tunisia on 9 january now,takecare x
    I hope all is well with you and your family. Just want to say I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!! To you and your love ones. And a wonderful 2011. Take care.
    Hello sweety, I doing well. how is going with you and your family. As for me doing good just waiting for respond. I can say that god willing I will have to addition to my household. Think positive.
    Hi Annie,

    We are ok but both going through periods of depression and despair at not hearing anything about the appeal, we dont even know if Tunis have sent it to UK or are still sitting on it to make a decision there. It has been over 65 working days and they should legally have responded by 60 days:( Hope you are all well xxx
    How are you doing is been a while!!! how are is well with you and your love ones.
    Hey!! how are you doing good luck to u as well. do you have or a email.
    Hey Hun!!! how are you doing!!! hope all is well with you and your love ones. Soon you will be visiting jendouba. I don't have a date to go back. But looking forward to it again, and hoping that we can be able to enjoy more. Cos he learning how to drive. Take care.
    OH hi from an older woman married to a younger man, sorry you think that its not possible for an older woman to be in love and be happy but in my case its very true and we received our visa on the 8 october we are together after marrying in april. I am here to help anyone who needs to know how to get through this difficuilt process, i am a teacher with my own home and so i dont rely on the government for any benefits, i think is why we received the visa quickly. I am very much part of the family and i am so lucky that i have such a wonderful muslim family who accept me for me.. not my age. We are very happy and would give anyone support and friendship. PLease accept me as a friend and you will see i am a good woman just in love and happy ... christine ben sammouna
    we got refused on the 15 jan and submitted on the 5th feb with a lawyer , she sent the appeal to tunis . we got a letter back saying it had been recieved and then a few weeks later a letter saying the filing date was set for june (that means they had till june to overturn it or send it to the tribunal hearing ) we had to go to the hearing but luckily the judge we got was really nice and he really listened to what i had to say . sorry to hear you have to go through this cos its a nightmare with all the worry and of course being apart from your husband . anything else i can help with let me know . good luck x
    Hi Ya....
    your photos are lovely......that is really terrible what the embassy did to your friend....really they have no compassion......I hope you are ok....I'm ok still feel heavy with the sadness but I'm ok......take care.....the weeks are passing.....xxxxx
    Hello 1989,
    Thank you for being so nice, I dont mind to get a nice stalker! I will keep you posted as soon as poor hubby getsany news. He was refused the visa on 13 August and submitted appeal on 13 September but no news yet but hopefully hear something soon:) xxx
    Hello!! Just up to my regular round of cyber stalking. Lol.
    Keep me updated on the appeal, hun xx
    Hi has anyone been to the Yadis Morjane Tabarka Hotel, my husband will be taking us for our birthdays next year. He lives not far from Tabarka but just wondered if anyone had stayed there and could let me know what it was like and if it near to the town.
    :( They said that my husband would receive a notice from them and then I would get a letter to say when teh appeal hearing date would be and i would go in by myself in frotn of judge and teh people who refused him. The UK told me that even when they get the paperwork back from Tunis, they will still send it back and they have another 3 months to change there mind! If not then the papers are sent back again and then waiting waiting waiting:( My god its a bloody nightmare s I will save every penny I have to clear my debts and make sure that I have some money to show the Tribunal if it comes to that. IF not I pray that my hubby will find some work in Tunisia. Can you advise on what happened in your situation, i mean when you submitted appeal in tunis, did your hubby received any call or documents to say it was being sent to UK, thank you and i know how hard it is to be separated:( Take care sweety xxx
    HI honey, I called the Embassy but were pretty hopeless I spoke to some guy who said he coudl not put me though to Visa section but said that my husbands appeal was sent to UK! Dont know whats going on. I phoned the Tribunal in UK and they said they have not received anything yet fron them and in total it can take 1 bloody year to go though
    Hi Ya....
    Just got back from Tunisia today......It was the hardest goodbye tearful and having to go back to work Akrem keeps saying to me we are not the only ones in this situation.......I know how all of us are feeling......but I would like to help if I can.....and chat.....take care......wishes to you....xxxxxx
    Hi Annie, my email address is [email protected]
    We are still waiting to hear from the Embassy about the appeal:( Im ok but very stressed as is my darling husband. If he is not with me this year in the UK I am flying to Jendouba in January for 2 weeks to see him:) Hope you are coping ok xxx
    Hello sweetie, how are you doing. I know the feeling you have appointment, I'm still waiting but this time i was planning my trip. But now is on hold waiting for appointment, I want to be there for our one year of being married. Do you have e mail.
    Thank you sweety, we havent had anything yet, how long did you wait until you got the letter from the Embassy? We MUST keep going Im nevergoing to give up on true love and friendship and the hope for a lovely family, all becaiuse of some arse who probably wanted to get home early from the embassy and just stamped no no no on lots of applications (LEE):( If you need anything too honey.. I did leave you my email address too which is [email protected], we can talk more free there xxx
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