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  • The only thing we have had is a letter saying that the embassy have until the 3rd of Feb to decided whether they will overturn their decision or take it to court....I feel exactly the same as whole body is heavy we sadness really.....but we have got to keep paddling hun.....we wanted to have a baby too....just like you.....keep in touch and if I can help with anything I'm here......even if you want to meet half way between lincolnshire and london to talk about stuff.....take care......xxxxx
    Hi Marhaba,

    I have been to Jendouba lots of times to visit my darling husband and I absolutely adore it and my friends and family there. I pray to god that someday I will have enough money to live there but praying first that my husbands appeal for his visa will be accepted, then it is our mission to save like crazy and go back because we want children xxx
    Hey hun, Small place ey jendouba lol. have you visited there? x
    I just hope and pray that they will take a proper look at all of our appeal papers properly and let us be with our darling husbands. It is so hard, even when I see him online or talk I feel more depressed because I just miss him so much and all our plans for having our baby are going up in smoke..I hope that you and your hubby get great news soon. Take care sweety xxxxx
    They are cracking down on people but make sure that they dont keep singling out genuine people like you and me..I really think the Embassy should have british people working there because when I have been there it is obviously Tunisian people and they dont have a clue about the british system, they are only told to get numbers down and dont look properly at documents the ECO (LEE) bloody well didnt. He dismissed the fact that my husband had money in his account in Tunisia and said in the refusal that he had no means of finance to come to the UK and also that my hubby only had secondary schooling which is also crap because he studied after that for 2 years at the college in Tunis where he got his diplomas which he provided!
    Hi Honey, I live in London but if you ever want to go online for a chat and let me know you can private message ([email protected]). I know how hard it is for us and our darlign husbands and it just does not seem fair when you see so many people coming into the UK who cant even speak one word of english and are straight into free housing and benefits! It is so unfair especially when they know that it is the wifes who will be providing for our husbands until they get work. My hubby is still frantically looking for work but nothing:( We still have not heard from the Embassy so I booked a flight to see him in January just in case he is not here in London with me by the end of this year..I never imagined that we would be starting our married lives separated, its been over 5 months now and the pain is unbearable. If only those people at the embassy knew what it felt like to be told that you cant be with the person you swore in front of god to love and cherish.
    Where abouts in the country do you live Smiles....I am from Lincolnshire....just wondered if you were anywhere near so we could meet for a coffee and a chat.....I feel exactly the same as you....I feel lower than low most days.....I hope so so much all will be ok.....xxxxx
    Hello, I just feel that the bloody embassy are holding our lives in their hands. We submitted appeal in Tunis on 13 September after my hubby was refused on 13 Aug:( I have submitted about at least 7 different documents to show ownership of my dads home and a letter from him saying that my husband and i would be living with him rent free and i also did a rough sketch of the rooms. My hubby supplied letters from past employers and I supplied new bank statement showing that i was no longer in overdraft and a savings account but its strange the ECO (LEE) totaly overlookd thar I had a clear balance on my last statement I submited for the visa application:( I just pray that you and I will be re-united with our loved one again soon xxxx
    Hi Ya.....
    Sorry I did not reply sooner....only just realised I had a message on here from you......I feel exactly the same as you do......If ever you want a chat to support each other I'm here....take care....xxxxx
    Hi Kitten,
    Still now news, feel so bloody depressed, my hubby is not coping great at being parted from me for so long with no indication from the Embassy, I really pray that they will see that we provided everything this time and not make us wait any more by sending it to Tribunal in UK cause that can take so so long:(
    Hi Smiles, hope you are news still?? ohh thinkin of u if anything changed or still nothin...keepin my fingers crossed for u xxx
    Thanks Kitten, we waited five weeks before for bad news and pray that they will overturn the decison instead of making us wait for an appeal hearing. I cant bear being away from him much longer, we have been together for 2 years and married 5 months ago and sadly i cant take time off of work because used all my holiday this year for our wedding so unless my hubby cant be with me by this year I will have to fly out next year to see him... Hope you are both keeping well:) xxx
    hey no news yet??? ohh sorry to hear that..but dont give up..maybe good news take longer..pls let me know if you get an answer...wish u the best of luck xxxx
    H tblueyez,
    My hubby was refused his visa in August this year ..only due to the fact that we had about 2 missing papers and now are waiting to see if the decision will be overturned by the ECO in Tunis. Yes people's opinions do hurt us but as long as we are true to ourselves and we know that we have real love that means the world and that is the test of real love to be separated for so long and especially this test for my husband and I still waiting to start our married life together but inchalla we will soon.
    My husband lives in Jendouba and we married in the Municipality Office in Jendouba which was such a wonderful day:) If you need to talk my email address is [email protected]
    hi smiles.hope you are well,thanks for that post and yess i would love to email you for advice and a chat,i no people have there views,but it can still hurt,i mean just because i partner is not workin at the min does not mean we dont stand a chance to be togetrher,irts not all 1 sided like some people thing,i came on this forum to get info,meet new people who are in the same sort of boat as me,did you say you married in jendouba?and thAT YOUR WAITIN FOR A VISA NOW?take care xx.
    Hi Annie, sadly my husband has to fight to get to whatever computer he can in the internet cafes but it is always so wonderful to see him and makes me miss him even more. We submitted everything that the ECO had been concerned about and provided supporting documents and letters so its just a matter of seeing if the ECO will overturn the decision in Tunis, inchala. Hope you are well xxx
    Girl! I buy calling cards cos once i called for my home. wow!!! He has the net in his home. Is wedding gift was the laptop. We wed cam. How is going with you and your husband papers. Praying it goes well for you.
    Good Morning!! Smiles, I wish you all the luck for you and ur husband. As for me keeping my fingers cross, waiting for the respond now. As for my husband and me. We talk every night
    Annie, Hello I hope you had a wonderful Eid and my husband handed in the appeal in Tunis today and hopefully we will get the decision that we have been dreaming for for so long:)
    Eid Mabrouk to you and your husband. Wish you all the best and all the luck in the world. Just have faith. I will also pray for you. Good Luck!!!!!
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