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  • So sorry! You sent me a message ages ago and I only just saw it now.

    If you still want to add me on Facebook I'm Catherine Maghraoui (think I'm the only one), but my email is [email protected]

    Hope to speak to you soon xxx
    Hi Smiley hope that you had a great time in Tunisia. For me to be honest with you the culture is not a shock as the Greeks do quite a few things that they do in Tunisia, ok i must admit when i first saw them placing henna on the womens feet yes i was shocked and thinking what are they doing..I supposse you learn quite a bit as time passes by and besides everyone has different beliefs and do things different..
    Hope that your son enjoyed himself in Essex, do your parents live there ? As for age difference my husband is 7 years older than me .. But i think that i act older sometimes lol..
    Sorry that you do not feel positive, give things time and they will sort themselves out they always do..
    Have a great evening x x x
    Hi Smiley how are you doing ? I am fine thank you for asking x x
    hello smiley, and thank you for the info. and plz dont worry that you cudnt help, i dont think many people know about this irish thing hehe. i didnt know there was bad people on here that can turn on you, i dont understand how they would but i trust what you saying becuz there are many bad people out there. also it would be so nice to live in tunisia if all fails to get them here. i know they are rioting but eventually it will stop and all will be restored apart from many lives lost. any way take care smiley, plz keep in touch. Jade xxx :) :)
    hello smiley_jo, my name is jade, how are you? i hope you are ok. i would like to ask you a question if you dont mind. do you know a way of gettin a tunisian to uk. the tunisian is 20 years old and the english girl is 17. how can they be together here permenant legally. we know they cant get married because she is not 21, but can he come as a student? can he come on a work permit? do you know who can give him a work permit?can he get to ireland easier? is there any way? they have to wait 4 years and they hurt every day to look at each other on cam?? any help will be appreciated, thank you jade xxx :) :)
    Hi Smiley thank you for your kind message, i can't really remember the text but i know that it was about football anyway... Hope that you have a great weekend, just in the middle of frying meatballs so i am on and off...x x x
    I just realised i used your wall and it says send Smiley an email which i did, but i have just realised that you left me a message on your wall x x
    Good morning Smiley hope that you ae in good health! We ar all fine thank you..I did get back to you via email. did you not get it, if not don't worry i will do it again for you but if my mind serves me right yes it was a bit rubbish x x Have a nice day x x
    Hi Roulla, I am glad you done that cos I don't know how to. Thanks for that.
    Maybe email me directly cos I don't go on here at home - [email protected] - is that ok?
    You are a star honey, xxxx
    Hi Smiley hope that you are in good health! Taken what you sent me off and placed it on a different page so that no one see's it until i have a chance to read it as i am doing something now but i will let you know, later if that is ok x x
    Happy Birthday Smiley! Hope you have a wonderful day!
    Hi smiley-jo thought I would leave a message here I live in munich not really close to luxembourg but never mind. congratulations on your wedding regards, neela
    Hi hun,

    Your wedding pics are lovely, you both look very happy.

    Take care Helen xx xx :)
    2.5 years!! Wow!!
    Your photos really are gorgeous, where did you marry? Yes your kitten's are soooo cute!

    I'm quite new to all this, looking to meet like minded ladies who have been or are going through the same thing. Friends & family are great, but they don't truly understand ... And I struggle with the few negative people too, don't understand it myself?!?

    Where about's are you in Essex, I visit there as friend in Witham.
    I'm near to Oxford.

    I'm going back to Tunisia in 5 weeks & 1 day (Not that I'm counting!!) be the 3rd time in 5 months!! Just processing a visitor's visa, but not holding my breath as know they're very hard to get granted - Can but try :) I just want my b/f to meet my family & see what the UK is like, as if we do get married think it's unfair to go straight for settlement for somewhere's he's never been ... As worry the shock of culture change, weather , etc maybe too much?

    Sorry I do go on!! lol

    Look forward to hearing from you,
    Hi Smiley,

    Keep seeing your post's and thought would say hi :)

    Just seen your wedding photo's, they're lovely!! Gorgeous hun, Congratulations!!

    L x
    Hi Smiley jo hope that you are in good health! Thank you and yes i have seen the pathetic thread but hey i am a very happy go lucky person so i will ignore it and their childish remarks and carry on being me, so sorry to hear that someone has let you down, unfortunately these things happen and that is where we learn by our mistakes, hope that you got everything sorted out in the end, if there is anything that i can help you with please do not hesitate to write a post to me and i will answer it, have a rally nice day x x
    You are more than welcome, i am just glad that you liked it..Hope that you also have a great weekend.x x
    If that is not ok then i will change it no problem..x
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