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  • morning,

    long time no speak, how are you?

    im coming back to tunisia soon for a week, me and wajdi have spoken and we are going to give it another go but we are going to take it slow, im sooo happy hun :)
    Hi Soltef, long time no speak, hope you are well.
    Hi Soltef did you manage to get your son into a footy team? I have forgotten whereabouts you live, we are going into the Cheshunt League this year...hope you are well xx
    hi hun

    thats soo nice of you to say that, i dont feel like a fighter at the moment but slowly making progress, this is one of the hardest things to get through for me at the moment im starting to wonder if i ever will, i know i shouldnt say this but i would love to see him again but that wouldnt be good for me and last i heard from here was over a year ago i think altho his cousin has been texting me and this other tunisian guy who was constantly texting me that aparantly didnt know wajdi but had my number and knew my name, i still get upset even now and i know i shouldnt but i really did love him and i think thats why its hard for me at the moment, especially not knowing why its alll gone like this but all i can do is try and move on x i hope your right but i dont think i could trust another man if im honest altho i would like to meet a nice guy if that makes sense, but i dont think i ever will x soo when you going to tunisia next hun x
    hu hun

    im sooo glad you and your guy are doing well and that your kids like him and have such a laugh you must be sooo happy :)

    my family are ok, had a rough patch back in nov when my dad had a massive heart attack, we thought we had lost him cos paramedic said it was a huge one but when he died in ambulance they managed to shock him and get him back so i spend a lot of time keeping an eye on him and then my mum wasnt well but all seems to be getting better x x x
    hi hun

    great to be talking again, i will do my best to get on more often, just sometimes i find it hard but i promise to do my best, how are you and your family, how is it going with your guy? x
    hi hun

    just got your message from before, i dont have your number anymore, my phone was stolen and i lost all my numbers, my email address is [email protected] if you want to send it me again x x i dont come on teh forum much na as me and him have finished and im doing what i can to get over him still but im not finding it easy especially when i dont know why we broke up in the 1st place x
    hi hun

    how are you? not spoke to you in ages :eek:) x x x x
    I put some more for you on the Good morning thread x x
    Hi Soltef hope that you are in good health! I put some pictures for you like you asked for in the good morning thread , hope that they are ok x x;):)
    Hi hun, How are you, i swear you cheer me up all the time xx xx
    Hi Lynsey!
    How are you?I'm good thanks!Why don't you post on the forum?Take care.Call me..
    hi hun, how are you :)
    Hi there,
    I continued down the thread thinking I was following on but some came inbetween, watched a couple of videos and shall watch more. Really interested in the subliminal message of advertising, all sorts of things come to mind for the future, our brains will be accessed one way or another.
    watched your video link and responded but no one else caught it surprise surprise?
    i will be here til towrads the end of the year i think!!!!
    i had a friend stay with me int he UK for 4 months ~ so never got cahnce to be on MSN, and hardly get chance here ~ laptop freezes msn lol
    miss our chats ~ email me ~ so we can catch up!!!
    you have no idea how gtted I am!!!! been here cople of months now in hammamet!!!!!!
    U WERE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and we didn't meet up?????????????????
    i can't beleive you were here and didn't tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm Gutted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    im good ~ in hammamet LOL say no more ROTFL hubby here and my neighbour from england LOL we are enjoying the sunshine ~ are you coming over this summer?
    hey U !!! come talk to me!!!!
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