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  • Live for today...Tomorrow may never come !
    hi sophie, my holiday was fantastic, skander seems to be ok, well more then ok hes great. flew to tunis seems ok there and so does everywhere else. i went to sousse. cant wait for july to come. cant go before july s im awaitng ao op on my knee. things are more or less back on track and everywhere seems to be coping but it was so quiet. i saw 3 europeans the whole time i was there.
    yes, it is once bitten twice shy
    i now no what to expect but ive been lucky so far with him he seems the independant type, doesnt want help which suits me fine. im not getting into that again. ill no more when i meet him
    thanks for the sound advice but its common sense really
    i only ment when i asked him something like t shirts or jumpers xx
    yes, im being very careful this time around. i asked him if he wanted me to bring him anything and he said no, is this a good sgn. he is a friend of kaleds but seems to be the opposite of kaled, ill soon find out im going in a few weeks, i keep expecting him to ask for something, i guess thats down to previous experiance
    hi, yes i have, just met him and im going to meet him in feb.
    hes from gafsa. i like him a lot, but im aware now what can go amiss so i am prepared this time, he seems to be genuine. the only thing that bugs me is they dont like you talking to other people [ men in paricular ] kaled was the same, is this the norm with them.
    colder them december, was there last december and most days was really warm, the nights were freezing, oh well my guy can keep me warm. lol
    hi, happy new year to you.
    im coming to tunisia in feb 6 for to weeks
    hope you had a good christmas, i got invaded by my family, it was nice having them here even if it was hectic
    Hi hun,

    Hope your Christmas was brill, all the very best for the New Year xx xx :):):)
    Hi hun,

    I will be in touch b4 Christmas, jingle bells jingle bells lol :)

    Talk soon xx xx
    Hiya hun, sorry i did not get back to you on phone, its driving me mad.

    It's fucked lol, miss u love you i will be in touch xx xx :):):):):)
    Hi sophie well Im a crazy woman too lol so if we are both geordies and both crazy sounds ok to me Im tryin to make new friends from newcastle as I used to live down south and also looking for a travel companion when I visit my bf in Tunisia as my daughter doesn't always wanna come with me now lol
    Thanks a lot, will be much happier when we get to live together for longer than a couple of weeks, lol, well maybe haha
    Hiya hows the hol going i really wish i was there, so does hubby and the kids lol :):):)
    hi there hope doing ok. i am
    Hi hun,

    I have been sooo busy 2nite lots of work 2nite, im still knacked can't seem to catch up on sleep.

    Are you all packed, i hope you all have a great time xx xx :)

    Like your mouse lol xx xx
    you wont be able to add me either lol!!! hahahaaaa ohhhhh x
    hello darling :) ive added you as a friend do you have facebook? xx
    hi, im ok thanks hope you are too. im thinking of coming over next year, maybe sept i need to lay a few ghosts
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