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  • hope your life has moved on and upwards xxxx
    Hi Sparkle how are you doing? Just to let you know that i have not forgotten about you and to let you know that i am here if you ever need someone to talk too i am always here .We miss you.x x
    Hey there!

    I know we haven't spoken in a while, but was just wondering how you were doing and if you fancy a catch up one of these days…?

    Emailed you at work but it got sent back :-(

    N x
    Hi Sparkle,
    Did i read some where on here that u used to work at the royal salem? Im seeing a guy from that hotel at the moment, he has worked there for 4 years. Just wondered if you knew him ?
    Hi hun,

    We are okay we have had our blips as i call them, i will not take no **** from any man.

    My hubby knows that, we are happy and he gets on really good with my children.

    When i say children Adam 27, Barry 25, and my baby girl 21 lol.

    You are a lovely person i hope you find your knight in shinning armor.

    Take care big hugs xx xx
    Hi Sparkle how are you feeling hun? Just popped over to give you a great big hug and to let you know that i am not far x x x
    Hi My Wee Pal,

    We hope you are okay, trust my hubby to open his big gob but no names thank god.

    You are one of the best hun, and you have talked me through some crap times.

    Love you take care xx xx
    Hope u are starting to feel better huni x
    Hi Sparkle just popped over to see how you are doing ? I am so so sorry for what has happened x x Take care x x
    Good morning Sparkle hope that you and your husband are both in good health! Wow it is such a beautiful day outside it makes me feel so alive when i see the sun, hope that you have a wonderful day x x
    Hope your dream was just a dream. I know someone whose documents were lost by them, and he had solicitor dealing with the case. This was years ago. He got his ILR, and the solicitor said he would get it definitely, as they had lost his documents.
    12 people so far who will be lucky number 13:D:p:)
    There is a thread which was opened a week or so ago about the connection, did you see it and did you like my song for you in our forum x x The beatles x x
    Cause your special:D;):D xx x x
    I can't stop laughing..
    quickly have a look now pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee x x x
    lollllllllllll as if i would leave you out my dear :)
    Good morning Sparkle hope that you and your husband are both in good health! I am so sorry , but last night i kept seeing the same IP ADD and it was with all those below so i thought that there was some kind of get together, really weird sorry hun x x x
    goooodyyy x
    hun thaty manfred person is a spammer x
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