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  • hiyaa my friend was eating monster munch today n i thought of u haha xx
    Hey sparkle!!

    Hope your well and happy, just thought i would drop a quick message as have not seen you on here and say hi.. Hows things?? xx
    gooodieee x
    Yeaaa :) thanks you ok x
    Oooh bummer LOL
    AHah let me guess Errrrrm Pickled onion?
    im hoping he goes mad at em :) x
    awww thank you hun :)

    me too, deep down i dont think he would do this to me from what we have talked about but as people say you can never be sure, fingers crossed tho hun x
    i will do hun, me too, i have everything crossed :) x
    when i see him or speak to him next im just going to ask him if he knows the number, and then tell him why im asking, i do want to find out the truth as i dont want to be taken for a mug but at the same time i dont want to ruin things with my guy if they are not true - hope that makes sense x
    dont have a date yet, he is waiting to hear himself i believe, he says when he finishes and he is home he wants me there the next day or thats what he said about 4 months ago x x just cant wait, my head is full of everything at the moment x
    its sooo hard when i havent spoken to him and we are sooooooo far apart, i just hope i get chance to see him so i can talk to him about it x
    thats whats worrying me, someone must have given them him x
    hi hun

    as you know my guy was picked up in march for his national service and since then (last march) i havent seen him and only spoke to him about 3 times, also i have had a text from some tunisian guy dont know who is is saying that he is using me and making his friends and family go along with it, and that he will never marry me cos my guy has told this guy that he will never marry a fat women, also this guy is saying that he isnt in army really and is also seeing a french and german girl, its hard cos i dont know what to think and havent spoke to him so i cant talk to him about it, also teh same guy that text me also called my friend and asked she was english, she said yes and he asked if she would marry him so i dont know what to think
    he is supposed to finishing army in feb sometime - but not sure on date yet, i want to come sooo bad but dont know how things stand between us at the moment if im honest
    hi hun

    yeah, im ok, as good as can be really with everything that going off but im plodding through best i can :eek:(

    aww whun im sorry, ihope you start feeling better soon :) x

    its sooo good to be back on here, missed it sooo much x
    hi sparkle

    how are you hun, not spoke to you for a while :) x
    Whow girl feel the power, at least here maybe not in the real world? I actually gave you a little longer than that. I had a look at the mods forum while allowed and read some posts, a cat fight in a bordello comes to mind, at that point i knew not my scene at all. Thanks!
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