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  • Hey Steph, yep all is good. ILR all done and sorted now so life is good. No more stressing about visas lol. x x
    Hey sweets, hows things with you?? Not seen you on here for a while. Hope all is good with you x x x
    Yeah I thought that cos the guy at work cant eat till 9pm here but S was saying he could eat at 7pm lol
    I am ok than you x
    Hey hun how is it going??
    Has hubby settled in well? is he finding ramadan easier or harder here?
    before you now it, it will be time to apply for ilr xx
    IslamicFinder: Accurate Prayer Times, Athan (Azan), Mosques (Masjids), Islamic Center, Muslim Owned Businesses, Hijri Calendar, Islamic Directory worldwide. - will ask hubby bout times for Ramadan when he gets in. He can speak to hubby if he wants too :)
    Hiya hun,

    Yeh they long days to start off with - as he will need to be up really early to eat then as he says its late when its sun set. Will ask hubby exactly what the times are and send you the site he uses to get payer times ect as you can put the area you live in and it tell you exact times for where you live.
    Hope thats ok x x x x
    Hiya hope that you are in good health! Hope that this helps..

    Kit9oum Otlobni When you get up call me..

    Hata aini hani nso5in wa7di ??

    twoihachtik I miss you.

    jat w raw7it w ma9a3ditch? She came but she didn't stay
    hi hun , sorry iv not been on for ages . its been doing y head in going over all the posts and getting myself paraniod about things going wrong . we got our appeal date hearing for the 17th august but i dont know what to do cos if i pay for the lawyer to go with me then we lose i will have to start all over again saving for the wedding . i hope everythinbg is going good for you and your having a great time being with your hubby at long last . you deserve it cos youve been waitibg for this longer than me and i feel like its been ages lol x
    aw thats amazing hun , sorry iv not been on for ages . how long did you wait ? i know we are just having the ceremony and reception at his familys home as they have a really big outdoor courtyard type area . and none of them drink alcohol it was just really for the food etc and entertainment . so happy for you though hun . whens he coming ?
    So ya married now? I have missed so much, weren't u going to stay over there till after visa thru? Fx
    really glad you had a nice wedding hun , im ok just waiting on the appeal decission :( im only going to be able to save about a grand by october but i dont want a big party cos its only going to be my parents there but he has a big family and lots of friends that he says will just turn up anyway . i was like just tell them we cant afford it with applying for the visa again . im just being realistic cos he's only got a casual job at the moment but i think he will be embarrassed if he cant give his friends a party x anyway , really glad yours went well . do you have any pis yet
    hey huni when are you out there??x
    HI. Liverpool 8, Lodge lane has small arabic shops, that's where hubby goes for his Tunisian harrisa, halal meat, veg etc, his favourite butcher is on a corner where the set back parking is. Lodge Lane is not a very long road so you'll easily find them. Smithdown road has a massive arabic shop but it's a very long road, the section of the road that you'd want runs between Asda and Ullet road, not far from lodge lane, it runs parallel. Granby street sells carribean food, also not too far away. Do you know Lodge Lane, it's in the south of the city not far from the city centre and leads down from Parliament street to Sefton Park, Aigburth.
    good luck with the wedding hun , cant wait to hear how it went x
    thats ok hun i know you will have alot to do . we were talking about if we didnt get the appeal and we said we would get married there and then apply again as spouses . wouldnt mind knowing what kind of prices a wedding there costs i.e for food and a party etc. i know about the paperwork and actual contract signing prices but marwan keeps saying its expensive for the other stuff . anyway hun enjoy your day and i'll speak to you when you arent so stressed out . best wishes to you both x x x
    hey hun good luck with the wedding . thats me just back from tunisia on sunday and im depressed now . dont know when im going to see him again if we dont get the appeal cos i'll need to start saving for the wedding too . let me know how your day goes hun x xx
    hope ur all set for ur wedding if u need any help with questions u mite wanna ask about the day feel free u have my email hunny.xxx
    beening home is the worst thing and wen ur hubby who is tunisian dont av a clue wot to do its even more stressful lol wot do u do ummmm.xxx
    thanks no idea how i did it, had to get ready by myself n did my own hair lol god only knws how i did it.xx
    got wedding pics if u wanna look at my page hun.xx
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