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  • the link is the dictionary. more than 500 pages. cheers and enjoy
    Hi, I see your topic is currently big news in the US, everything quoted when googled seems to come from the same translation? lots of different groups with this as their headliner...... Good Luck. Are you as familiar with Christian ethics of this period? it becomes very interesting as it wasn`t at all unusual in the west either what women have had to put up with eh?
    Of course bb, no problem :)
    your first trip? when you going?x
    thanks for the friend request, hope u r ok :)
    personally when i go there i change it all up into tunisian dinars and let my fiance take care of the money. i never take more than 400 pounds so its not like its thousands. he doesnt carry it all at one time, he leaves some in the hotel and some with him and some at home. you can also rent safes in hotels to keep your valuables. it depends what you wanna do but personally i always use cash as i find it easier :)
    oh cool i know jendouba, i never went there but it's next to el kef, the town that my fiance is from :D don't expect there to be much to do in these towns they are not really tourist areas, if you wanted you could go to a hotel across in hammamet, or sousse or monastir for a few days, it isn't so expensive.. ?
    but if you wanna go and just spend time with him and his family then you don't need to go 2 a place with beaches and hotels, but it's nice if you can. what dates are you going? have you booked it or not yet? :)
    yeah your situation sounds pretty much the same as mine, apart from the age, and the fact that your from america, lol im from britian...hampshire in england :)
    yes im sure once you go and you come back happy and safe as you said they will change their minds, that's what happened to mine, and the next time i went they just told me to have a good time and stopped with the take cares and be carefuls and call us if you need anything! lol but i suppose they were just worried.
    where abouts in the US are you from and where in tunisia is amine from?
    hiya, we can't send private messages on here. we used to be able to but they took the system off a few weeks ago :(
    anyway i shall tell you here, i met houssem online on hi5.com in march 2007. we chatted as friends first, i knew he has other 'girls' online, then eventually they started to disapear one by one as he and i became more interested in one another. by the summer time we were in love and in december i went and visited him for a week before christmas. i was only 18 then, so my family were pretty worried about me as can be expected. how are your family and friends about this? and i spent a great week there, i stayed in hammamet, thats a beautiful town by the sea for 3 nights then went to el kef, thats a town in west of tunisia in the mountains, my fiances home town and stayed with his family. ive been doing this for 2 years or more now, we got engaged last month :) x
    ive added you xx
    hello welcome to the forum,. my man is from jendouba, and ive stayed there and ive been to beja :) do you have msn maybe we can talk xx
    Welcome to the forum, hope that you enjoy it like we all do..
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