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  • Hi SWL hope that you are in good health! Just popped by to wish you all the luck and happiness in the world..:)
    Hi SML hope that you are in good health! You are more than welcome x
    thing is he knows i cant stop the contact! atleast not at the moment i said when i 1st found out my phone will be switched which i only managed that for not even 1day!! i just want to see him so bad, maybe for closure or maybe understand why, he said he wants to see me again to explain better why he's done this and show me how sorry he is! i'm so angry with myself cos normally anyone who treats me bad friend, bf anyone they dont get a 2nd chance never, but him i'm giving time to work his way back which i know i shouldn't! ight now most of my hurt and tears are bottled up! i find it easier at this stage to write about it no doubt it will all come out soon!! it does help to speak to people who know how you feel thanks hun we will get through it!! somehow?! but we will xxx
    hiya hun, not been on for few days just trying to put to back of my mind whats happened, i'm just so bad cos i'm still in contat with him!!! i just cant help myself! just so hard, unfortunately you know what i'm going through! glad dates are going well no doubt Mr Right will show himself soon :) will look you up on sian's & add you & thank you for the offer stands for you to :) xxx
    hi hun hows things with you & how did the dates go?! xx
    arabic eastenders lol oh well at least u know now sooner rather than later but still sorry that u didnt have a good time anyway. :(
    well im fine here just a bit bored, not a lot to do here in el kef. just seem to be eating all day and watching tv lol. we went to monastir for 4 days in a hotel but im here at my fiances house until sunday. its fine but not a lot to do :) yep i just accepted u on FB :D
    hey how r u i read ur posts sorry to hear u didnt have such a good time there...if u wanna talk do u use facebook or u can add my email...
    Merry Xmas and a happy new year full of health, wealth, happiness and laughter all the way for 2010..x x
    Nice to meet you :)
    ahh thats lovely x x ok let me know when your about
    Hey chick, I would love to meet for a coffee - I know how you feel with all the questions buzzing around xx it's nice to have someone who has been through it all and got the badge ha ha
    LOL i know. i live in bexleyheath in kent and i commute into cannon street for work.

    My hubby has been here for over a year now - I hated it when he was in tunisia and i was back here, i remember how hard it is xxxx
    hey im in london too, where abouts are you xxxx
    ahh, I was working for thomson and i met my hubby and i really didnt like him at first but he obviously was persistent and grew on me he he.

    it's so hard being apart isnt it
    hey you. it is hard isnt it being apart. where did you meet hun xx
    Hiya hope that you are in good health! Yes this site is really useful and everyone becomes like a big family, but listen to your heart and not what others would do..Take care..
    Welcome to the forum, hope that you enjoy it like we all do...
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