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  • Him Sylviachoudry, hope that you are in good health! Choose an avator by going to google or just let one of us know what kind you would like and we will find one for you, no problem...
    Hi slyvia would like to thank you for welcoming me to the site still trying to find my way around here so thank you sarahjane x
    Hi iv been working ,and slim hogs the computer he took our old one back in july to his family,so u know how thay can talk, just catching up , befor he comes in from work and takes over,xxx
    hello Sylvia I havent seen you here in are you?
    Hi Sylvia

    Just been looking at your pictures and they are fantastic, you really look well together and can see how much in love you both are, all i can say is i hope me and my fiancee are and look as happy as you both do when we are married, age is nothing, all you need is love and trust and its shows that you both have this :)

    Janette is right, ignore the comments, they are probably jelous hun and want to put and hurt people but you are better, be strong and remember nothing can hurt you - you are in love and its the best place to be :)
    Hi sylvia just been reading about someones sad comments. take no notice there have and always will be people with small minds. i am 21 years older than my tunisian husband his family dont care he certainly doesnt and goes mad if i say anything about the age diff. i have been maried twice before 1 divorced and lost my last husband so like you i know what i am doing i dont suffer fools etc... we are very happy together and i am sure you and your hubby are to. god bless you both x
    Hi Sylvia:

    I am wondering how you did it as now my husband and I are going through problems denial due to fraudulent indicators but then the other letter says his file was sent back for further investigation. We are in our 2nd year trying to get him home.


    Hello grandma,,
    You need to help me with all of this haha
    love you lots xxx
    hope youve had a wonderful time in tunisia sylvia.
    shame about u geddiin a cold tho : ( slim was tellin me the weather it wasnt soo good or summin. still i hope u made the most of it and enjoyed yourself : )
    hope uve sum lovelii piics too show for it. x
    hey hun.

    hows you? not spoken to you in ages hope yr looking after yrself

    kam xxxxxxx
    Sorry to hear about the awful fiance is 20 yrs younger than me,its not important,we know that and Slim and you do too!
    My husband is! :) We are connected via facebook and the "other site" lol ;)
    Hi Sylvia

    This person/these people that have made rude comments about your pictures do not deserve to have your thoughts wasted on them - they do not matter, the people that know and love you know how happy you and Slim are together and thats what matters.

    Love Maureen
    hi sylvia , hope youdo not mind me sending you a message I saw your photos and thought i must write to you as it seems we have something in common like the lady louschlong says if people are being rude or nasty they are the ones with the problem not you. i say this because I also have a boyfrieind in tunisia who is a lot younger than me and have had many comments thrown my way. Have found it tricky as there are enough hurdles to get over without taking in to account all the comments that are made
    Hi Sylvia,

    I haven't been here on ages but I've just found the post about people putting rude comments on your pictures. Please don't take any notice. There are some horrible people in the world but they're not worth your tears or your anger! L xx
    hi hun i am married to a lovey man who is 12 years younger than me whats people problems age is nothing so ignore them and forget these people as long as you are happy x
    stand tall hon my Tabarkan honey is 17 years younger than me but sometims I feel he is older and wiser, Slim is in your life because he's meant to be - ignore the rubbish that some people spout x
    Hello Sylvia....thanks for the invite to be friends!

    ah thanks so much for that hon, do you have to take it in person or do you send it in the post ? what sort of other do***ents do they need?
    Hi there I hope you dont mind me sending you a message. I was just wondering how easy or hard is the ILR? I know we havent got to do ours yet but its always in your mind, ie saving the money etc.... do they have to go back to Tunisia before they get the ILR if their visa has expired? what happens?xxxx
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