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    Tunisian Crafts - art and glass

    Oh wow this is good! It is a nice collection. I loved d way it is being created. It is looking ravishing and antique. The designs and d color code is simply awesome. I wish I could buy all of it. I also wish d prices would have been cheaper.
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    Vincci Taj Sultan Hotel, Hammamet

    Hmm let me tell you ur choice is good. The hotel is nice and it is positioned directly near d beach. This hotel has 230 rooms with a facility of satellite direct T.V. The rooms are spacious and comfy. Plus this hotel also has a facility of buffer system. Well I think it will be a nice stay. Go...
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    One- way ticket - entry to tunisia

    Well! Wherever I go I prefer going by two way tickets. I think one way ticket is really costly. Who gonna spend bucks on one way and waste their money. I would not even take a chance. No way!! I would rather keep it for my savings.
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    Setting up a company as a foreigner

    I spent a lot of old, but the cable, I can still find enough on this issue for 51% - I have the most appropriate thing to do with money, etc. just have to deal with this 51% ... :)