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  • i love my husband more than i thought i could love anyone lol yes and want him here in england asap but the visa process is slow lol so we are applying end of june and then the waiting game begins. its hard being apart but everything will be worth it in the end hun xxx
    i have found a really sweet one with a little girl sitting with all moving butterflies it is really sweet would you like to see it?
    what do you think of this one as i have another one, would you like to see it ?
    i it was mezoo he done one 4 me thanks hunny lol
    found a couple but not sure if you would like them...what shall i do..shall i put them on for you ?
    would you likw mw to look for one for you and then add it on, its up to you..
    i have no idea who jus fixed it but hey like majic its movin its so sweet well thanks who ever did that lol its so nice xxxx thanks any way hun.xx
    Hi Tracy, Can't find one that moves only sparkles.
    yes unless you want me to look for a moving butterfly for you..
    you have to go to the internet and ask for a moving avatar and then copy and paste it and then send it to one of us...
    Hiya hope that you are in good health! Sorry i have just logged on for a bit , but i see that you have already got one..,.,If you would like to change your avatar please feel free to ask me, no problem at all..Have a nice day...
    hiya nice to meet you lol just to let u know i got married 6th jan 09 in a week lol
    you need to get your non imped cost £30 and takes you 21 days to get it back from you local registrar. u need a new birth cert no older than 3 weeks old cost £7 when you get to tunisia you take non imped to embassy as to translate they will say come back tomoro but if u get there early and are nice they might let u return for it (they did me) cost 136 dinars then find a local translator there is plenty ur hubby cld look for 1 near where he is and a doctor for you cert cost me 20 dinar for birth cert to be translated and cost us 10 dinar for doctor cert . then u take these to the milticiptiy town hall) get day and time cost 150 dinars . if you need anything else let me know i got married in a week hun in siliana x
    Hi TraceyLou....Either of you can take the doc to embassy to be translated. when i get 5 mins i will pm you some info. Dont stress, its all straight
    Hi tracey, sorry Roulla did my avatar for me. Re limo hire someone on here did have one but I cant remember at the moment who it was?????
    Welcome to the forum....Im getting married in November if i can help in anyway let me know. xx
    welcome to the forum, hope that you enjoy it like we all do..
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