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    yea defo dont cancel yet! you know what the weather is like it changes on a daily basis! it could just drift away any of these days! keep positive and i will keep my fingers crossed for you! i am flying 28th so still hope it will clear!!!
    ahh honey i really hope that your flight will be ok and that you get your hubby home finally! i will be thinking of you sweety xxxx
    I deleted the the thread that you started hun as you asked x
    my friend has just informed me that her friends hubby got word yesterday after waiting 3mths that his visa has been refused, so im worrying now........what the hell are they looking for?????
    did hubby get your paper work back when he got wnet to collect his visa (original docs)?
    they have 2 of our wedding albums and would haate to see them go missing......thanks
    Hi hun, Ive just seen you got your visa, oh my god Im so happy for you, best wishes hun and hope all goes well from hereon in. Take Care, Lisa xxx
    hi...congrats to u both......we submitted our docs 2 weeks ago today and now waiting for decision.........can u tell me what they say when they call they tell hubby over fone that he has visa or what??????
    hey hun!
    just wanted to say how pleased i am for you about the visa! and best of luck for you both honey xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Aww Thankyou....was'nt sure as I know our issueing authority is the their's is the police station....all so different there isn't it......sending you all the luck in the world for Monday....gosh you worked hard enough...x
    Hi Ya...great to hear your news....I know you probably dont want to be bothered with Visa questions...but I was just wondering what you put down in the Visa Application for where your Husbands passport was issued and the authority who issued it....also for my passport what do I put for where my passport was issue...Is this England....Sorry just one last question....was your husband working at the time of your application??.....Good luck for
    Hi hun, was thinking about you aswell was wondering if you have heard anything got everything crossed for you. Did you do a letter of support, what did you put on it, not got a clue, you can email me privately if you want email: [email protected]

    Thanks hun, hope you hear soon, were still waiting for B3 so cant do anything till then
    Ur welcome hun try and stay strong i'm sure you will hear soon everything is croseed for you xxx
    Been thinking about you wondering if you have heard about your visa application yet
    Hi ya....hope you are ok and your managing to keep yourseld busy with waiting....I know it must be hard....
    Just looking at the online visa application myself now and was wondering what you put on the very 1st page question 4.... it asks the type of application we are applying for. Did you put husband or marriage down for this....many thanks....x
    Hi hope that you are in good health! I have found some songs about missing my love but not with english subtitles but i will keep looking for you..
    YouTube - Bahebak Wahashtini - Tamer Ashour (Hussain Al-Jasmi)
    This one is Ilove you and miss you..I love this song..YouTube - Hussein Al Jasmi Bahebek wahashtini ???? ?????? ???? ??????? x x
    This is a beautiful song x YouTube - HosSam Habib - 3ayeshni yomein
    I tried to see what he said by using google and cheb khaled says to his daughter, I can not let you do what you want J'ais afraid for you o my daughter...YouTube - khaled et melissa i have seen him 3 times so far but the best had to be years ago in Hammamet, have you seen him..x x
    You are more than welcome , music is a big part of my life and i love sharing it x xYouTube - Cheb Khaled Feat. Melissa-Benti-Arabic Music (Watch In HD Widescreen)
    Hi Hope that you are in good health! I put this song on somewhere on the thread i am sure that this is the one that you are talking about.. But this song is not Tunisian so maybe you are talking about another song..

    YouTube - Cheb Khaled Feat. Melissa-Benti-Arabic Music (Watch In HD Widescreen)
    thanks in love with a tunisian i tried to post on ur wall but its not there? i got married on the 14th feb this year was a nice wedding in sousse, been with hubby two years now.
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