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    Hi Tracylouise,
    Your picture is amazing! when did you get married and details etc!!
    No from my email, you will see my name, the same that you saw on Facebook.
    from do i reply back to that sorry lol its all top secreat this lol
    I sent you an email to your Hotmail account.
    still cant find ur email addy how do i talk with u?
    Go to my profile and click contact info.

    I'll add you here too
    how do i do that were is ur email? xx
    Hey Tracy, I can't access facebook at work ( I saw your request via email) but you can email me.
    ok hun TYSM!!! Good luck to you!!!
    Hi there...I am asking in regards to filling our a financial form for my hubbys visa. I do keep all my receipts and I show that to the tax man, but the tax man zeros me out after all my spending's so I pay no taxes. Is this going to affect me, any info you have would be more then appreciated. I can't eat, sleep or even think over this visa stress xo
    I there I was just reading one of your threads and I see you also are self employed. I am from the USA but maybe you can help me on this question. At the end of the year when I do my taxes... I show earning over 20k per year but after deductions, I zero it out so I do not pay taxes and as I spend a lot of money within my business. My bank records however always show that I pay my bills and have more then enough left over after I do. Do you think this might be a problem? Any help is greatly appreciated!!! TYSM!
    yeah feeling better!! just accepted u on fb x
    yeh hunny I am back, how did your wedding go?x
    hiya hun, sorry i fell asleep lol. im awake now though xx
    I wish that i could send you a magic star to make everything right for you and your husband x x
    I hope that everything sorts itself out for you, i thought that it was the Embassy in the UK that's why i asked you as i know the man that works there..Take care x
    just saw your wedding photo oh my god stunning ye look so good and sooooo happy i wish all the luck in the world for you both :) Congratulations on your marriage :)
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