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  • Hi, do you still have an apartment to rent? How much would it be for 2 weeks from the 27th feb. Thanks
    My email address is [email protected]
    Yes I did. I just responded that my boyfriend found us an apartment and most likley has already rented it. I will keep you in mind though if that other one does not work out.
    Hi I noticed that you have stayed in Sousse before. Can you give me the details of the aprtment- how many bedrooms, tolites, showers, price. I am looking to rent from April 1 to April 17, 2001. My email is [email protected]
    Hiya, Im good can't wait for Xmas im just a big kid lol.

    My tree and decorations go up the 1st Dec, how sad am i lol. Glad your okay xx xx :)
    Hi, how you doing xx xx :)
    asslama kouya pas de problem msn mta3i houwa [email protected] ahouka b3athlik minou invitation ew inchAllah ma3rfa tayba mat5afich rahi ghasra we tet3ada lool allez whrite me back bye
    Thank you .... It's ************
    Your help is greatly appreciated :)
    Hi, Sorry for the random message but reading through the posts I see you have contact for renting apartments in/near PEK. Looking for somewhere beginning of January, our visa was rejected yesterday, so want to come out to see my fiancée ...The usual place we stay is already booked. Any help greatly appreciated, thank you
    hope u both av a wonderful time transporter u and bloss take care...xxx
    sorry to hear about your visa..i feel so sorry for you and your retty wife
    dont worry appeal and i'm sure you will get it..true love never runs smooth
    i'm keeping my fingers crossed for you both
    god look and take care of you both..x
    Hi transporter, do you have accomodation to rent in PEK?? I was hoping to stay for 3weeks 15thdec-05Jan, if you could forward me any info to [email protected], Kind regards Jen
    Hi just reading though some of the posts and see you have rented an apartment in pek before, can you please send me the details as i can only find 1 that wants me to rent for 4 months rather than the 2 i want 2 at the moment? my email is: [email protected] thank you goldie xx
    Hi is ur wife british? if she is, u are fillin the right form - settlement
    hi i read one of your posts about apartment and i was hoping to rent 2 bed apart..in your location..was wondering how i send u my email for details and pics so it remained private...thankyou sophie25
    hey hun they said it was a real job offer there was no telephone numbers on letter..... which i new full well there was an hubby ha checked an there is lol so now im waiting on job offer th get a folder together to prove that it is a company.......
    shhhhsssssss!!!!!.....I am at work using their internet....he he he!!!!!.....Love you so much my lovely Hubby.....xxxxxxxx......SHHSSSSSS!!!!!.....This study is so so so boring....I really can't listen anymore.....will be finished soon....and then I will be getting ready to come to you.....Talk to you later.....xxxxxx....SHHSSSS!!!!!!
    hi i think i have been sending messages to myself on here lol my msn is [email protected] or if you want to give me yours i can add you. Also if you have a contact number of the owner of the apartment my boyfriend can call him, take care
    please can you send me the email/mobile of the owner of the appartment which is 10 minutes walk from the marina port el kantaoui and 1 minute walk from the beach, do you have pictures of it, if so please email me to [email protected] thanks a lot
    thanks for the reply, sounds good. heres my email [email protected] if u have details and pics i wud appreciate it very much
    hobbbieeeee....I've been a member on this site for over a year...and I never know how to change my profile picture...you are a member for a few weeks and you have a nice profile picture....OMG.....I really can't belive that....he he he....but love you still...xxxxxx
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