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    Thank you so much
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    Current visa applications

    Yeah it was this year I applied on the 4th of January received my visa on the 31st of May! It was really tough and stressful. I've searched once on the forum and there was a woman who waited same period as me for her husband's visa. I think we're the only ones who dealt with this and I hope no...
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    Current visa applications

    I waited 20 weeks !! can you believe this ! And I got it on the 31st of May
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    i got my visa extention for 30 months

    Hi salimlov did you get the equivalent of your certificate, I want to do the same thing, did you apply for only statement of comparability or statement of comparability of the early years sector?? Can you help me please because I don't know which one to choose
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    Biometric card for the UK/Tunisia

    Hi Roulla how are you, I got my BRP last week, 3 days after arriving to the UK. I got it in Canterbury post office. Getting the BRP has to be within 10 days after arriving to the UK.
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    Why you married a tunisian man ???

    Oh no I think I clicked by mistake.. Sorry though
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    food in the uk

    I'm sure you will like it. I'm sorry it's curry not carry which is a mixture of some spices like turmeric, coriander....If you don't have it just put curcuma together with black pepper and salt ( curry is not really essential)
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    food in the uk

    I'm good thank you :) saha w beshfa for you
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    food in the uk

    Easiest recepie And most delicious one for me is "musli", anyone can try it here. Put some oil in a bakeware then slices of onion, then put meat or chicken, and some slices of carrots, add slices of potatoes that cover all the ingredients and then on top cut 2 to 3 tomatoes into halves and put...
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    Tunisian Kitchen

    Easiest way to make bread: *1 kilo of semolina *2 packets of yeast *Little bit of sugar *Little bit of salt *Around 3 or 4 table spoons of olive oil *Warm water Put the semolina in a bowl then make a hole in the middle, inside of that hole put the yeast together with a little bit of sugar and...
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    Visa granted!

    No I didn't send any email to ask about the application, did they send you same email? And about the document I don't have it with me at the moment just check on the paper they gave you when you applied, it must be that one
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    Visa granted!

    When I applied they gave me a paper and said you need to show it when you come to collect your passport. Are getting your passport tomorrow and one important question did they send you an email like this: Thank you for applying for a UK visa. Your visa application has been received and is under...
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    Visa granted!

    Thank you scotty_bambam
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    Visa granted!

    Thank you jasmine, that email made me worried a lot,we didn't pay for priority service as we Didnt know that time about it and we've got married in summer 2015.