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  • Hi Yasmina sorry to hear that you do not have Internet connection but hope that you resolve the situation soon and come back on here ..Hope that you have a wonderful day x x
    Ahh i am so pleased that i made your day, we all need to feel special once in a while.Hope that you had a great day.x
    Hi hope that you are in good health! Happy birthday hope that you have a great day..x
    Hy thanx for the little message you left for me on the chat x
    Oh and sorry for the late reply, I am at work!! :) xx
    Yeah I know you speak sense, its just hard isn't it?! I am just trying not to think about it at all to be honest. I could think the worst things possible and nothing be wrong at all lol :( but thanks for your support...much appreciated!! xxx
    Aww thanks Yasmina, I'm happy (normally LOL) :D
    thank you so much i still cant believ they said yes in less than 3 weeks. we are both so happy....x
    awww thank you hun :)

    you too x
    thanks hun

    think i need all the hugs i can get at the moment, missing my guy like mad but i honestly dont know if i will see him again - hope so cos i love him to bits
    hi hun

    im still here, only just fpund another job so not been able to get on msn anymore but that can change now as i have just strated a new job :)

    how are you hun? how was tunisia? :) x
    Thanks for the message. Just back from a week In Tunisia with himself. Enjoyed myself far too much and am more than a little depressed to be back and alone once more. Still I'm due to go back in October and hopefully the time will go fast.
    Im sorry but im not arabic .. and i live in canada :) and im italien origin
    Thank you for the message. How are you? I hope I could write very often and get update on what is happening in Tunisia.
    welcome to t.com
    thank you all for welcoming me :)
    Welcome to the forum :), sorryits late but better late than never LOL
    Hello Yasmina. Im 20 year older than raouf. But im young in mind and when im with Raouf we never feel the differens. I worry a lot at first but Raouf always say love have no age. In tunisia they never speak about age. And me and Raouf have the same mentality. We laugh at same things and really complete each other. Hope you understand my english. Good luck with your man. And dont think about age. Its better to enjoy life and love and be happy.
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