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    Hello, [email protected]
    My name is Miss melina. i saw Your profile today,i like it very much and I thought of having a serious love relationship with you. If you are interested and intends to advance, contact me back with,[email protected] , I shall send my beautiful pictures to you. I waits to receive your quick response. Thank you.
    From melina
    Hi,there was just reading your old posts and noticed your husband got a family visitors visa ,I,m trying at the moment to apply for this as financially we are not able to apply for the settlement visa and husbands is not to sure if he permanently wants to live here too.I know this visa is very hard to get and how are you supposed to prove he will return unfortunately he is unemployed but does have about 2000 in savings and I have about the same as family gave us some money when we married.I have a problem with the application in it asking do you want short term or long term obviously 1 year is better than six months .If you could help me with any advice on this thanks
    hi zeyneb..how u been? just wanted to ask as ur hubby has eea ..he can apply for resid.stamp/card thast valid for 5 years and then wat? does he need to apply for ILR also ...not like my hubbys there yet just wondering ha thanks a lot xx
    hi zeyneb..im soo happy hubby got the permit finally, cant wait for him to come here ..hope all is good with u xx
    oh and i did call and hubby called but theres only operator we can talk to apparently and they tellin us to wait..thatsall
    hi zeyneb,thanks for ur reply...next day???wow she was llucky...im not though...aaaaaa sorry xxhope u well sorry to keep postin its so frustrating
    hey zeyneb...sorry to bother you...its been month and a week(this thurs) and we still havent heard..im cryin everyday,but dont realy wana me orhubby to call coz dont wana makethem angry or suspicious or smthin..so keepin quiet..its killin me...:-(
    basicaly that im registered with WRS Scheme..ive still not completed 12months of continuous work,my previous emplyoer didnt register me and i didnt know either socant do nothin now...to be regist.with WRS 12months is 1of the conditions.after wat u get resid.card..,idont have it ..:-(
    hey zeyneb,doesnt look good for me and hubby..as i dont have one document from Home Office which i wasnt aware of, now its too late to get it and after almost 3 weeks waiting now im just waiting for a refusal..:-(..after 6years of workin perman.here an dpayin all taxes..i think i will be refused coz of the paper..:-(
    hi zeyneb..how are you? im waitin anxiously for hubbys eea permit..ohhh can i ask...IF my hubby will get it - IF - it will be in the passport or post..how?
    hi zeyneb..no no news yet.but hubby went to embassy 8july and submitted papers lol,the woman there was laughin at how many documents he had lol...now we just waiting for the answer...god its excrutiating,wait is gona kill me...just want to know if he got it or no..everyday waiting for a phonecall that will change my life...aaaa..anyway, hope u and ur hubby and ur little one are all ok and happy xxx
    last thing i wana say is a big thanks to u for all ur help, u have helped me a lot with all my questions and now..whatever happens..i will have to deal with xxxx take care xx
    Hi Zeyneb,

    HOw are you and your family? Hows ur hubby? Has he adjusted to living here? Thought i just say Hi and let u know i got my papers ready, just waiting for them to reopen the embassy and will apply rightaway...wish me luck please..take care xxx
    Hi Zeyneb, thank you very much xxxxxxxxx
    HOpe you are ok and doing fine with ur hubby and the little one xx
    hi zeyneb, how are u??? how are things with hubby?? actually wanted to ask u about the stamps of the marr.certif., where did u get it stamped? i have 3 stamps or signatures on it from the town we got married in-3different offices, is it necessary to tget it stamped in Ministry of Foreign Affairs in TUnis also or its not important? thank u
    hi zeynet, last thing ab this i promise lol..on the appl.form it stated that he needs to print his confirmation of apointment from the embasy website or smthin, without it he cant get in the embasy,now if i do it here, how he will be able to print the confirmtion of appointment from the website?thank u xx
    are u gona put some pics from ur wedding here? cant wait. take care xx
    hi zeyneb, sorry but i meant i will be in england when he will be applying, thatswhy i was wondering if i can do it here in uk and he will print it, does the form actually come to his email?
    thank you zeyneb for ur message, goin there 24april, cant wait really..and really really hoping everything will be ok..just one thing - with the application online - do i register with my name and his email? but then he will need to print the confirmation, isnt it? id rather do it myself, not to make mistakes but he will have to print it..
    thank you
    hi zeyneb,
    how are u? how is ur hubby here? gettin used to?
    just have 3 questions..after wedding, where did u get the marriage certif.stamped/registered? does my hubby need b3 also, wat does he need to provide, wat papers and last thing - on the online aplic.-does it specify there - settle.visa or family permit? coz i only saw : aply for visa. can i do it for him online or does he have to do it? thank u soo much xx pls stay in touch xx
    czesc Zeyneb to znowu ja wiesz tak pomyslalam ze lepiej jak macie skypa albo msn bo z telefonami to napewno krotko rozmawiac nie bedziemy po co sie na koszty narazac a wtedy ja bym tez podala skype albo msn od mojego meza i twoj maz moglby z nim pogadac fajnie by bylo wiesz moj maz dzwonil dzis znowu do ambasady pytac sie o ta oplate ona mu powiedziala ze musimy palcic kolo 1300 dinarow a on jej mowi ze zna pare ktora aplikowala o ta sama wize i nie placili to ona powiedziala ze mieliscie szczescie ja nie wiem tam pracuja ludzie ktorzy wcale sie nie znaja moj maz czeka na moje dokumenty mialy byc juz wczoraj jak tylko dostanie to zaraz apliuje a jeszcze jedno chcialam zapytac czy oni dawaja ta wize dokladnie na ta date na ktora sie pisalo ze sie chce wyjechac czy moze inaczej i ta date na apoitment to sie samemu wybiera czy oni dzwonia zdjecia wyslane pozdrawiam
    Wydaje mi sie,ze to nie ma znaczenia. W aplikacji musicie wpisac date przyjazdy i wyjazdu po 6 miesiacach. A na pytanie na jak dlugo maz chce przyjechac wpiszcie na stale, permanently. Czekam na fotki my mamy tylko video, zdjec zadnych , ale to dobrze bo wygladalam tragedia. Dobranoc i do uslyszenia.
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