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    Translating for others

    Can current and new members please not ask me to translate personal stuff for them. It puts me in a dire situation where I have to interfere with your relationship with someone. Whether it is good or bad, translating stuff for you can affect you and other people and I do not wish to do so. None...
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    FCR/RS Confusion in Tunisia

    Hello, Can anyone please explain why is it so expensive to bring a car to Tunisia? For a Tunisian definite return home. I understand that so many people were/are profiteering from FCR(supposedly no longer exists) and may be RS and the Tunisian government are tackling this issue but I don’t...
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    Hi all, As you've gathered from my posts, I am Tunisian living in the UK. I found this site through google searches. I really believe that this site should be advertised on Facebook, twitter etc, to give everyone British, Tunisian, European etc. an idea that it exists. I will do my part to do...
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    Moving back to Tunisia

    Hi, I am Tunisian, been living in the UK (Scotland, Edinburgh) for about 27 years. My wife is Tunisian, and we have a 4 year-old daughter born in Edinburgh. I am a UK citizen, a fully qualified teacher since 2004, working in a permanent job since 2007 and I have been paying into my teacher...