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  1. Sosh

    Topping up income with savings - Tunisia to UK 2.5 year Visa

    I recently got married to my Tunisian husband and we are now thinking about his settlement over here. I earn a couple of pounds over £15,100 a year (gross), so don't reach the £18,600 financial requirement as is. My mother passed away late last year without a will, so everything went to my...
  2. Sosh

    UK Maternity Pay in Tunisia?

    I was wondering if anyone knows if you can still receive UK Maternity Pay (either statutory or from the company I work for) if you are staying in Tunisia? I'm not pregnant yet but I was hoping that if it happens soon iA, it might be possible to work up to the start of maternity leave and then go...
  3. Sosh

    Need a photographer for Hammamet

    Hi does anyone know of any photographers that cover Hammamet? Needed for a few hours to take some wedding pictures at the end of May. Google isn't super helpful so hoping to get some recommendations. Thanks
  4. Sosh

    Can we get married in Tunisia within a week?

    I just wondered if anyone could give me some advice that has been in a similar situation to me or knows a bit more about how things work. I am taking my family out to Tunisia to meet my fiance and all of his family for a week at the end of May/start of June. After booking everything, and after...